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4 Essential Wellness Tips for Avoiding Digital Eye Strain

Spending too much time in front of a digital screen can be detrimental to the eyes. Prolonged exposure can lead to vision problems, which can eventually cause discomfort and, in some cases, severe issues. One example is digital eye strain (DES) which is characterized by eye fatigue, dry eyes, blurred vision, and headaches. If you’re someone who excessively uses digital devices for work, you might be at risk of developing DES.

According to research on the impact of the digital environment on the eyes, experiencing symptoms of digital eye strain can affect quality of life and reduce performance at work, especially if you can’t focus on your tasks due to pain and discomfort. Workers who rely on digital devices, such as software developers and computer programmers, might feel less productive if eye strain hampers concentration. To boost productivity and take better care of your vision, here are 4 essential wellness tips for avoiding digital eye strain:

Take a break

Taking occasional breaks from staring at your computer screen is one way to prevent digital eye strain. Being hyper-focused on a certain task can cause you to look at your screen for long periods, sometimes without even blinking or taking screen breaks. This can be harmful to your eyes and can increase your chances of incurring eye fatigue. To avoid this, be sure to take periodic breaks by doing the 20/20/20 rule: every 20 minutes, look at something that’s at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Doing so will enable your eyes to readjust and focus on an object from a different distance, allowing them to relax and rest for a bit.

Invest in blue light protection

For better protection, you can also use products that block blue light emitted by your devices such as sunglasses. Oakley’s gaming glasses are a viable option because they are equipped with the brand’s patented Prizm Gaming 2.0 Lens Technology, which filters blue light to help you avoid eye strain. The Holbrook Gaming Collection and Wheel House Gaming Collection are both uniquely developed to attenuate light from screens and ensure visual acuity by reducing blue light exposure. These glasses are perfect for professional esports players during longer gaming sessions, but they can also be used by other professionals outside of gaming like computer scientists and software developers.

Use eye drops

When your eyes become too dry, you may feel a painful sensation that can hamper work productivity and efficiency. To avoid dry eyes, you can apply artificial tears or eye drops to provide moisture and comfort in your eyes and avoid dryness and irritation. You can try the eye drops from Visine which contain the ocular lubricant polyethylene glycol 400 to help soothe the eyes that have become too overworked due to excessive screen time. These artificial tears provide up to 10 hours of comfort so you can continue working without worrying about developing dry or painful eyes.


Set up better lighting

Blue light emitted by your digital devices can be harsh in darker environments, and this can increase your chances of getting digital eye strain. In our previous article on creating a zen workspace, we mentioned the importance of positioning your workstation near a natural light source. This can work for stay-at-home workers, but if you’re a business analyst or cloud engineer who constantly works in the office, be sure to balance out the blue light from your devices with a desk lamp. Having a well-lit desk can reduce the chances of eye strain and improve your overall mood.

Uncomfortable vision problems like eye strain have become more common now, especially for workers who need to rely on devices to finish tasks. Following these tips is a step in the right direction to achieving healthy eyes and better working habits in a digital world.