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No bloat, no unnecessary options. Just a refined set of features that give you the tools to create the best pages in the least amount of time


Coming Soon & Maintenance SEO

Carefully craft your content in order to rank your site as best as possible from day one

  • SEO Snippet Preview – provides a real-time preview of how the site will look in Google’s search results
  • SEO Analysis – runs over 20 tests on various aspects of your SEO and provides actionable advice
  • SEO Title
  • Meta Description
  • Exclude Search Engines – shows the normal site to search engines despite if coming soon is enabled
  • Block Search Engines – completely blocks search engines by sending a “503 Service Unavailable” response
  • Favicon Image – show a custom image in peoples’ browsers
  • Social Preview Image – the preview of your site displayed on social media
  • Google Analytics Tracking ID – know your stats and track the site with Google Analytics
  • Tracking Pixel & 3rd Party Analytics Code – you can also track your site with any 3rd party tracker you use
  • Facebook Page URL – for metadata and better social networks integration
  • Twitter @username – for metadata and better social networks integration


Coming Soon & Maintenance Themes

Choose a template, edit it, and have your page done in a minute!

  • Themes can easily be previewed and activated from the plugin
  • No extra downloads are needed
  • View the complete list of themes
  • PRO license comes with 20+ themes, extra Agency pack with 50+ themes is available during checkout, or later via support
  • Agency license comes with 50+ themes

Design – Layout

Coming Soon & Maintenance Drag & Drop Builder

To change the order of modules, simply drag them and arrange

  • The drag & drop builder features 10 modules which can be completely customized
  • The builder is far simpler to use than the average WordPress builders found in many plugins
  • Content Overlay – a transparent background added to the entire content section
  • Content Width – width in pixels
  • Content Position – 4 content box positions
  • Content Animation – 47 content intro animations
  • Modules Spacing – spacing between modules

Design – Background

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Background Image

Choose one of 400,000+ free images or upload your own

  • Choose from a static image background or animated video background
  • Select an image from our 400,000+ images gallery, or upload your own
  • Background Image Size – display in original size, resize an image so it’s fully visible or cover the entire screen
  • Background Image / Video Filter – 27 Instagram-like filters
  • Background Image Position – 9 predefined positions
  • Background Color – choose any background color you want to use instead of the image
  • Background Video Source – choose any YouTube video that will be played muted and looped

Design – Logo

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Logo

Branding is important from day zero so make sure you display your logo properly.

  • Upload logo or select from the Media Library
  • Maximum Logo Height – width is calculated automatically, so you can easily change the size
  • Logo Title – used for SEO

Design – Header

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Header

Capture your visitors’ attention in just a few words

  • Header Text – write a catchy headline and draw-in your visitors
  • Header Font – choose from more than 700 Google Fonts
  • Header Text Size – change size in pixels
  • Header Text Color – choose any color you want; we suggest matching the color to your logo is using one

Design – Content

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Content

Writing quality copy will help your SEO and increase thrust with visitors

  • Content – write and import media files
  • Content Text Size
  • Content Text Color
  • Content Font – choose from more than 700 Google Fonts

Design – Video

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Header

Nothing captures visitors’ attention like a great video!

  • Video Type – Youtube, Vimeo, and any other source
  • Video ID – Youtube and Vimeo video ID
  • Video Embed Code – iframe code for any other video source
  • Autoplay Video – if enabled, a video will automatically play on page load
  • Clean/Minimal Interface – minimalistic, but removes most of the video controls
  • Mute Video – When using autoplay, we suggest muting the video

Design – Map

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Header

For local businesses or events, a map is a must-have.

  • Address – any location you can think of
  • Zoom Level – anything from the entire world to street view
  • Map Height – width is always 100% and responsive
  • Google Maps API Key – Google requires everyone to create their own free API key for the maps to work properly

Design – Subscribe Form

Coming Soon & Maintenance Subscription Form

Leads are the lifeline of any business

  • Email Field Placeholder Text – make sure visitors understand what they need to write
  • Subscribe Button Text – text displayed on the button
  • Show Name Field – turn on if you want to ask visitors for their name
  • Name Field Placeholder Text
  • Anti Spam Text – let your user know you won’t spam them
  • Subscribe Button Position
  • Antispam Text Size
  • Antispam Text Color
  • Success Message Background Color
  • Error Message Background Color
  • Error Message Text Color
  • Input Fields Placeholder Color
  • Customize Form Styles
  • Size – Input Text and button
  • Color – Input Text, button text, input background, button background, button hover background, input border, button border, input focus border, button hover border

Design – Social Icons

Coming Soon & Maintenance Social

A standard element for any site, no matter the size or purpose.

  • Icon Size – 4 predefined sizes (small, medium, large, and extra large)
  • Icon Color – pick any color you want to match your site
  • Icon URL – link to a social profile or any other site
  • Icon image – choose from 400+ icons

Design – Countdown

Coming Soon & Maintenance Countdown

If you’re doing a product launch or an event this is a must-use module

  • Countdown Date/Time – time that will be counted down to your launch date
  • Countdown Numbers Size – make them more or less visible
  • Countdown Numbers Color – match your page style
  • Countdown Labels Size – you can make them barely visible or put the focus on the labels
  • Countdown Labels Color – the entire color palette is in front of you
  • Countdown Days Label – type anything for the label
  • Countdown Hours Label – type anything for the label
  • Countdown Minutes Label -type anything for the label
  • Countdown Seconds Label – type anything for the label

Design – Progress Bar

Coming Soon & Maintenance Progress Bar

A great way to convey to visitors how much of you project is done

  • Percentage of Completion – choose a number that will be displayed on the bar
  • Bar Height – change the height while the width is controlled by the plugin
  • Bar Color – make it visible and match style to your page
  • Label Size – change according to the bar width
  • Label Color – be creative and select a nice color

Design – Custom HTML

Coming Soon & Maintenance Custom HTML

If a module is missing, or you want full control over the page this is the module to use

  • Custom HTML
  • Use Custom HTML Only – if you enable this option, the plugin will ignore all other modules, background or content settings and display only the HTML you provide. Basically, you’ll get a blank template to work with. Basic CSS reset rules will be automatically added.

Autoresponder & Emailing Services

Coming Soon & Maintenance Autoresponders and Emailing Services

Email settings for the plugin

  • Email / Integration System – MailChimp via API, Zapier, Universal Autoresponder Support
  • Debugging – shows detailed info to help resolve any integration issues
  • MailChimp API Key
  • MailChimp Mailing List
  • Zapier Endpoint URL
  • Universal Autoresponder Support – following variables are automatically configured based on the provided HTML form code: Action URL, Method (POST/GET), Email Field Name, Name Field Name, Extra Data
  • All messages are easily translatable; following messages are available: Invalid Email Address, Invalid Name, General Error, Successfully Subscribed, Already Subscribed

Access Rules

Coming Soon & Maintenance Access Settings

Choose who can see your normal website

  • Show normal site to logged in users
  • IP Whitelisting
  • URL Based Rules – provide per-URL setting for enabling/disabling the Coming Soon mode giving you the option to hide or show only selected pages on the site
  • Secret Access Link – a link to share with people who need to see the normal site behind the coming soon page.
  • Custom Login URL – if you’re using a custom login URL and can’t access it, enter the custom login URL here. That URL will never be affected by the coming soon mode


Coming Soon & Maintenance Advanced Settings

Add custom CSS, header & footer, reset & export settings, etc.

  • Send no-cache Headers – if you don’t want the coming soon page’s preview to be cached by Facebook and other social media enable this option. Once you switch to the normal site social media preview (visible when sharing the site’s link) will immediately be refreshed. Normal visitors won’t notice any differences with the option enabled.
  • Custom CSS Code – have full control over the style of your page
  • Custom Head Code – the code will be outputted before the closing head tag
  • Custom Footer Code – the code will be outputted before the closing tag
  • Export Settings – easily transfer settings between different domains/sites
  • Import Settings – all settings are imported and overwritten from the chosen export file
  • Reset Settings – reset to default values


Coming Soon & Maintenance Support

Report issues or ask any questions using the form and we will get back to you ASAP

  • built-in contact form gives you access to our friendly support agents with no hassle
  • site details are automatically sent to ease troubleshooting