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Best Plugins for Food and Recipe Websites

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Are you the type of person who can make a new recipe from scratch or the one who knows exactly which flavor goes with which spice? Maybe you just love to eat and try out different cuisines and restaurants. If the answer to any of those two questions is yes, why don’t you have a… Read More

40+ Highly Appreciated Web Solutions

Published on by ; modified on April 13, 2021

After many days and many coffees, me and my colleagues managed to finish this very long and comprehensive article. We selected the most appreciated 40+ web solutions from different niches – WordPress maintenance, website builders, web development and SEO agencies, time-tracking software, font identifier tool, and many others. To do that, we analyzed hundreds of… Read More

Is WordPress Premium Worth it

Published on by ; modified on April 12, 2021

WordPress has come a long way from a simple blog publishing software to a full-grown content management system; with this growth came various ways to use it. In this article, we’ll be looking at the option, precisely its most popular plan, WordPress Premium. What are the Features of WordPress Premium? Free Custom Domain Name… Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Cybersecurity Career

Published on by ; modified on March 27, 2021

Cybersecurity is a cutting-edge field that offers a dynamic working environment and the opportunity to learn new things and make a positive impact every day. Cybersecurity professionals enjoy plenty of great career benefits, including excellent salaries, diverse job opportunities, and high job satisfaction. Working in cybersecurity has become a sought-after career option for anyone with… Read More

Exploring the Hidden Costs of WordPress

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A lot of people often wonder if WordPress is truly free to use. The answer to this question can be complicated, which is the reason for all the confusion. A website created on WordPress could be free, or it can have certain expenses attached to it. However, the WordPress software used to create websites is… Read More

SEO Checklist – Everything you Need for DIY SEO

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When it comes to running a business on the internet, the most important thing you need to worry about is SEO’s proper usage. After all, optimizing your search engine tags is crucial to the success of your website. And we all know that not many people search further than the first page of their preferred… Read More

10 Web Design Tools to Help you Work Smarter in 2021

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The industry of web design is growing rapidly and getting bigger and more complicated year by year. The industry’s growth is matched by the number of new tools and helpers coming out every day. Each one of them is geared at helping you with different steps of the process. That’s why we’ve created this list… Read More

15+ Best Gutenberg Blocks Plugins for WordPress 2021

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The Gutenberg editor is really popular. And there are more than a few reasons why; it’s easy to use, it provides you with plenty of options, and it can work for multiple work styles. If you’re one such creator and use this page builder, then with all of its pros, you might have noticed some… Read More

Why Press Releases Can Grow Your Business and Improve SEO

Published on by ; modified on March 11, 2021

Press releases are official statements delivered to news media to provide information, make an announcement, or an official statement. Press releases are great for small to medium-sized businesses that want to get exposure in an effective yet affordable manner. Press releases can help get the business local and global media coverage and exposure. One does… Read More

Getting started as a JavaScript developer: A complete guide.

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Since its origins back in 1995, JavaScript has rapidly become one of the most noticeable coding and computerized languages to date. Today, JavaScript covers a fast online content field, from websites, blogs, eCommerce stores, and even iOS and Android mobile apps. This powerful language has quickly outgrown its intended use. The first few fundamentals of… Read More