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What Is FOMO and How to Use It as Your Marketing Strategy

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I think we can all remember a time in our lives when we were stuck at home while our friends were partying and having fun. Try to recall the feeling you had at those times. The way you felt in that moment actually has a name, FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out. While you were… Read More

How to Utilize Your Photography and Design Skills in the Real Estate Business

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Real estate is a competitive industry to work in. However, that doesn’t mean one should be discouraged from working there. The industry offers many benefits and advantages, especially for those who know how to present their estate. Being a real estate agent often encompasses long hours, lots of client visits and meetings, negotiations, signing contracts,… Read More

4 Blue Collar Businesses You Can Start With Your WordPress Skills

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With all the issues caused by the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic, there are so many people who have lost their jobs and found themselves in economic difficulties. As Covid-19 may soon be over due to the rollout of vaccines in many countries globally, people are looking to their futures, and for many, this means starting a… Read More

Top 7 Sticky Header and Menus Plugins for WordPress

Published on by ; modified on December 28, 2020

While sticky navigation looks to be just an aesthetic feature or a simple stylistic detail, it can actually greatly aid your site’s performance. Traditionally once you scroll down from the menu or the header, you just move on and don’t normally go back to check out that header once again; that’s where making it sticky… Read More

How QuickBooks Can Help Your E-Commerce Store

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Robust bookkeeping is a fundamental cornerstone of any successful business. That’s just as true for an e-commerce store as it is for a brick-and-mortar one since maintaining competent records of your sales, overheads, and cash flow is required by law for any commercial entity. It’s no surprise, then, that 64.4% of small business owners use… Read More

HostArmada – A Reliable Hosting Service

Published on by ; modified on December 21, 2020

Getting a good and reliable hosting service is probably the most basic step you can take if you’re planning to launch your website. Obviously, there are many different deals you can make, but HostArmada undeniably has some of the best opportunities in the market. To get you better acquainted with their offer, we have prepared… Read More

5 Strategies To Get People To Share Your Content

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If you are a person who has an interest in some sort of business that you want to share with other people, you will apply the usual tactic, sharing your content on social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. But there is still one problem. It is obviously not enough for your blog… Read More

Manage Emails in WordPress like a Pro

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Some experts in marketing and communications say that emails are still the best way to communicate with different types of people. Millions of emails are being sent daily, and emails are being used for everything, from important communication related to business, jobs, education to various updates and promotional campaigns by business owners and marketers. However,… Read More

10 Website Design Best Practices

Published on by ; modified on December 15, 2020

So you want to create a website that wins over customers? You can’t do it without thinking about web design. Web design affects everything from the way your website looks and how it functions to your rankings on Google! It also impacts your conversion rate, credibility, and customer satisfaction. Yep, it’s that important so it’s… Read More

Top 5 Alternatives to Unbounce

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Unbounce is a landing page builder. To explain what Unbounce actually is, first, we have to explain what landing pages are. Landing pages are either standalone or integrated within your website, and they show and offer a resource from your business in exchange for the visitor’s contact information. A good landing page has to be… Read More