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Wondering why we created this plugin, what makes it tick and what are the plans for the future? Read on!

Most of us are very bad at predicting how much time a job will take. That’s why we think a new site is going to take a few hours, or maybe a day tops. In reality, it takes us weeks. At first, it doesn’t look like a “coming soon” page is needed. But once a semi-finished new site is up for weeks, it’s apparent that it needs to be temporarily hidden from the public until it’s done (you don’t want your masterpiece looked at in a non-perfect state). We’ve been in that situation many times and know how frustrating it is when you need a coming soon page done in 5 minutes, but it takes hours. Out of that frustration the Coming Soon plugin was born – a more straightforward, faster way to create coming soon and maintenance mode pages.

Things don’t have to be complicated

Although you can never fully ignore functionality, the looks of a coming soon page are far more important. And that’s what we focused on. With 50+ themes that cover a whole range of online and offline businesses, most of our users can get a gorgeous page up in less than five minutes.
Yes, we do have options and setting, and you can tinker with everything, but the key is “can” not “have to”. It’s all up to you. We spent hours adjusting the default settings and removing things that are not essential. After all, if you paid us to save you time, then we want to deliver on that promise!

Who’s behind all this?

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode is maintained, developed, supported and sold by WebFactory Ltd. We specialize in WordPress. Themes, plugins, custom projects, SaaSes – if it’s WordPress we’ve done it and we’re doing it. Since the summer of 2009, we made over a hundred plugins. Many are publically available on CodeCanyon and We take great pride in all of our plugins and continuously make them better by adding new features and ironing out various functionalities and GUI details.

A brief history

It takes years to get a plugin off the ground, recognised and loved by users. Yes, there are cases when fame comes overnight, but those are exceptions. The Coming Soon plugin grew steadily from the first day and continued to do so as evidenced by the timeline.

  • August 3rd, 2014
    Minimal Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode was uploaded to the WordPress repository for the first time. It was originally created by Akshit Sethi from 69signals.
  • November 22nd, 2016
    Although the plugin reached 20,000 active users the original author stopped maintaining it so Web Factory took over.
  • September 21st, 2017
    It took almost a year to gain an additional 10,000 users but during that time we made a lot of progress with the plugin, fixed quite a few bugs and added some much needed options.
  • December 5th, 2017
    With the new and improved user interface the number of users started to grow quickly. We hit 40,000.
  • February 27th, 2018
    First PRO version was released and launched together with a sparkling new website you’re reading this on.
  • March 9th, 2018
    We’ve hit 50,000 active users as we continue to develop both the free and the PRO version.