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An Introduction to AI Video for Online Marketing

Getting started as soon as possible ensures you stay ahead of the game.

Although most people think of AI as something new, you might be surprised to learn that the earliest successful AI program was written in 1951. In recent times, AI has become more popular, and AI video is becoming the new normal in the video content world.

Read on to learn more about getting started with AI.

AI to Generate Video Content Ideas

Because most people prefer to watch a video rather than read an article, there are endless ways to incorporate AI when coming up with video content ideas. One way AI can help is by using natural language generation algorithms which will help make content more concise and more visual.


Using AI in this way will boost your chances of viewers watching an entire video because they will not get bored. 

AI Insights

Using AI for data analysis is a major bonus. There are AI tools that will help you understand what users prefer to watch, and then you can incorporate this data into your video marketing strategies.

Take a look at how long someone watched a video, engagement levels, etc. 

Personalize With AI

Artificial intelligence can personalize your marketing strategy to help your brand stand out. For example, AI can do targeted social media ads to provide accurate analytics. 

An example of how AI is able to do this is when someone is watching a video on YouTube, and then it suggests similar videos. This is AI at work because it has the ability to find things that might interest the end user. 

Keep in mind that more personalized video content will lead to higher engagement.

Thanks to AI, more people have come to expect a more tailored message in the online world. Long gone are the days of generic video marketing content. This might end up decreasing engagement because people prefer personalization. 

Create More Engaging Content

There are AI tools such as crop video MAC that you can use to create engaging videos for your social media channels easily. The great thing about AI tools is that you waste less time creating videos since AI has the ability to help you create videos faster and schedule them. 

Once this is done, then AI will also give you updates on the interest your videos are bringing in. These updates will allow you to tweak things as needed. 

Ready to Incorporate AI Video Into Your Marketing Strategy?

We hope that with our tips above about getting started with AI video, you feel more confident and excited about this marketing journey. Artificial intelligence is not going anywhere, so getting started as soon as possible ensures you stay ahead of the game.

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