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Amazon Marketing: Actionable Tips to Improve Your Advertising ROI

Follow the tips below and learn how to attract buyers

One of the most truly remarkable things about the Amazon platform is that it does most of the heavy lifting for you. Known to be one of the world’s biggest e-commerce storefront, it drives huge traffic to your listing. That traffic is made up of a sea of buyers, ready to buy and make a purchase.

It’s because most people come to Amazon already with a purchasing mindset. So, to ensure that you’re maximizing your results, you need to ensure that your listing is properly optimized both for search engines and for Amazon’s best practices.

In this post, we’ll give you a walkthrough on how you can improve your Amazon advertising ROI.

Apply Product Targeting

When you come up with a Sponsored Product ad, you can either choose to do an automatic or manual product targeting.

Automatic targeting lets you analyze your product description and then start creating relevant reviews for you. Generally, these keywords have strong impressions and can be a bit costly. On the other hand, manual targeting helps you target specific keywords that you think are most relevant to your product.

In a lot of cases, this boosts the relevancy of the placement of your ads. In turn, this improves the visibility of your product ads and your conversion rates.

Write a Detailed Product Page

Amazon is certainly not the be-all and end-all of advertising your product. But it will surely help you boost sales, brand visibility, and trust.

So, the first step that you need to take is how to optimize your product page. Start thinking about your product page as your landing page. Would you spend that much time and effort on your landing page if it’s not properly set up to drive in results?

To cultivate trust between you and your customers, provide several high-quality images, and then give detailed product information. Put bulleted descriptions as well, because Amazon prefers those. Place accurate descriptions for these products, since customers are less likely to give you a negative review for misleading them.

Also, come up with competitive prices and think about a product name that makes you stand out from your competitors and motivates them to click your product.

After you’ve created an excellent product detail page, then it’s time to market your products.

Use Headline Search Ads

Headline search ads are a fantastic way to drive visibility for your products. They provide a higher click volume at lower costs per click that product display ads.

These ads will boost your ability to promote your products at a much larger scale. Headline search ads also create trust among your prospective customers.

Select Multiple Ad Types

For your advertising strategy, take the full-funnel approach when you run various ad types together. This can ensure that you’ll have an Amazon Marketing Services ROI.

Through your Product Display Ads, you can create brand awareness and can increase the likelihood of a prospect to click your Sponsored Product Ads at the point where they’re already ready to buy.

Similarly, you can also boost your brand awareness by ensuring that prospects see your products every time they search. It also helps that you check out some of the best Amazon marketing advertising guides out there.

Choose The Right Keywords

Amazon is a search engine, as well. That’s why it requires keyword research.

In fact, you should be more critical when you’re conducting your keyword research on Amazon. That’s because users that search here already have the intent to buy.

Having the right keywords are vital and can make a difference in making a sale. Otherwise, it will be a missed opportunity for your business.

Run Product Display Ads

Unliked sponsored product ads, product display ads aren’t triggered by keyword searches. Instead, they show up on your competitor’s product, based on the consumer’s interest or other related category pages.

Product display ads are excellent in developing brand recognition and keeping your product’s on top of your prospect’s mind. That way, when they’re looking on Amazon for a product quite similar than yours, they’ll remember you and is more likely to click on your listing.

Get Listed For Discoverability

To boost your SERP placement, your listings should be rich with relevant keywords. You should also use the backend search terms, as well.

The number of customer reviews you have and your overall ratings can have a significant impact on your product’s SERP placement as well.

So, if you receive low customer reviews, it’s best to read the feedback carefully and provide a quick and easy fix. That will help you deliver with your customer’s expectations and decrease the chances of getting negative reviews in the future.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, a well-performing listing is both a science and an art. When you test, it’s vital to make small changes and give it enough time to measure those changes so that you know whether or not you want to keep them.

So, if you can, test only one element of your listing at a time. If you test these items more than once, you won’t know which changes have made an impact on your listing. This is regardless if the impact is positive or negative.

Also, keep in mind that there are a lot of elements that impact a product’s success or failure in the world’s biggest e-commerce platform. So, apply these tips to boost your Advertising ROI on Amazon.