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5 Best Budget Cloud Hosting Providers for Your Online Store

Find out why cloud hosting is a great investment for the development of your online store

E-commerce is a growing trend among businesses that are smart enough to take advantage of the internet to reach people around the globe. It is definitely all about business management in terms of online stores, but this always requires a reliable framework.

Why Should You Consider Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is a type of web hosting that works its wonders across multiple servers to support your website’s needs. This is the best cloud hosting option for you as along with the manageable price and different hosting features like security, reliability, and more; this is definitely a great investment for the development of your online store.

Let me go into the benefits of cloud hosting for your online business.


This is one of the most important things you’ll need for an eCommerce hosting. Scalability deals with sudden traffic surge. Since the cloud allows you to increase the resources you use in real-time, it will help in giving your users a quality website experience and an increase in sales conversion because there’ll be no downtime.

Accessibility and Recovery

You don’t need to worry if you have a cloud in case there’ll be system failures or physical maintenance needed for your end. Your data are mirrored, accessible, and are functional every time. It lessens costs for an internal system, plus anyone who needs information access can get it fast and easy, which entails efficient customer interaction.


An online business needs maximum security for applications, files, networks, and tools. It has a service called managed cloud hosting, which means professionals will handle your data, which adds to its security. Aside from that, it also has managed firewall, multilevel security authentication, and of course, end-to-end data encryption.


Even load distribution over the cloud servers makes your online store function better since they are connected within the same network. This means that there’s no need to worry about any system or hardware failure. Cloud will always have your back with its backup system that can be easily accessed and retrieved.

Mobility and Manageability

Of course, mobility will not be left out. Every now and then, people will need to access and even share files outside the office, which is great because since this is cloud, it is accessible anywhere through mobile devices. It is very simple and easy to manage with its user-friendly interface that requires no installation.

The 5 Best Ecommerce Hosting

If you find the above features and benefits useful and needed with your online business, let me present to you the best eCommerce hosting that is available in the market. You may even get lucky enough to get a discount code with one of these!


Off to a great start, Cloudways is among the top cloud web hosting available in the industry as it offers transparent and flexible pricing. You are free to navigate and see the accompanying costs and features included in their plans within your selected cloud provider, such as Digital Ocean, Linode, VULTR, AWS, and Google Cloud.

You can see proof of satisfaction with the Cloudways review with their 4.9 excellent ratings showing that shows the pros and cons of their services.

You can even get a discount by using their Cloudways $30 coupon. This is the best choice for those just starting out with cloud hosting.


Another great choice is Kinsta. If you are used to WordPress, this is a good one for you. It is a quality and fully-managed WordPress hosting business. Google Apps servers are used for their hosting, which technically means your site is running on the same infrastructure as Google.

Definitely a trailblazing technology is running with a powerful and user-friendly platform. It is very reassuring as they have pro-active support specialists that will definitely give you some peace of mind to let you focus on managing your business.


The FlyWheel is all about performance and experience. They offer speed, security, and the efficiency of your WordPress eCommerce site. All these runs beneath a well-made dashboard. The FlyWheel is also partnered up with Google Cloud making its platform faster, more scalable, and robust.

What I like about this is their Auto-Healing Technology, where the platform heals itself in case any failure occurs. It’s quite nice since your site will not experience downtime because of its self-healing. Performance-wise, FlyWheel does offer a good load time.

WP Engine

As the name implies, WP Engine is specially built for WordPress websites. As the servers are optimized for a single application, the cloud hosting capability is maximized. They do have an automatic migration tool that makes it easier to migrate from your previous hosting solution to WP Engine.

Just so you know, they do have a custom plan that is made for mission-critical websites and also for large businesses. This is on a dedicated environment that offers high performance and fast support response time. They use Google’s Next-Gen hardware, which claims to be faster by 40% in comparison with the previous Google Cloud platforms.


SiteGround has different plans in store for you, but you can also build a customized plan based on your online store’s needs. It lets you adjust the CPU, memory, and drive space as you need it starting off with the recommended for each default plan.

With the managed service, it makes it easy to onboard both existing and new websites, including WooCommerce automatic updates and also managed WordPress. This may be for those who have more experience in managing websites as they have tools for webmasters.


There’s definitely some significant change coming as cloud technology provides innovation for eCommerce websites. As the eCommerce industry evolved, so did our technology. Choosing a cloud web hosting framework for your online store is the best long-term decision that you can make with all the features and benefits that it offers. Change is the only thing constant in this world, so we all need to learn how to adapt and go with the flow. So make sure that you choose the best one that can give you all the resources you need and start to leave a lasting impression in this industry.