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HostArmada – A Reliable Hosting Service

Published on by ; modified on December 21, 2020

Getting a good and reliable hosting service is probably the most basic step you can take if you’re planning to launch your website. Obviously, there are many different deals you can make, but HostArmada undeniably has some of the best opportunities in the market. To get you better acquainted with their offer, we have prepared… Read More

5 Strategies To Get People To Share Your Content

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If you are a person who has an interest in some sort of business that you want to share with other people, you will apply the usual tactic, sharing your content on social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. But there is still one problem. It is obviously not enough for your blog… Read More

Manage Emails in WordPress like a Pro

Published on by

Some experts in marketing and communications say that emails are still the best way to communicate with different types of people. Millions of emails are being sent daily, and emails are being used for everything, from important communication related to business, jobs, education to various updates and promotional campaigns by business owners and marketers. However,… Read More

10 Website Design Best Practices

Published on by ; modified on January 27, 2021

So you want to create a website that wins over customers? You can’t do it without thinking about web design. Web design affects everything from the way your website looks and how it functions to your rankings on Google! It also impacts your conversion rate, credibility, and customer satisfaction. Yep, it’s that important so it’s… Read More

Top 5 Alternatives to Unbounce

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Unbounce is a landing page builder. To explain what Unbounce actually is, first, we have to explain what landing pages are. Landing pages are either standalone or integrated within your website, and they show and offer a resource from your business in exchange for the visitor’s contact information. A good landing page has to be… Read More

How to Remotely Organize Your Team Efficiently Across Projects

Published on by ; modified on November 18, 2020

Technology has profoundly changed the way we live, work, and communicate. In fact, for many of us, these days, it is simply a question of connecting to the Internet, and we’re good to go.  Being in the same physical location as our colleagues is now optional. And, given that autonomy is the number one contributor… Read More

Top WordPress Plugins to Have a Law-Abiding Site

Published on by ; modified on October 22, 2020

Having a great website is one of the most important aspects of any business, from the design to coding, contact forms to plugins, etc. Law-abiding sites are no different, but we know the struggle of finding the right plugins for your business. There are over 50,000 WordPress plugins currently, with more being added every single… Read More

5 Best CRM WordPress Plugins

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Today we will be talking about CRM plugins, what they are used for, and what exactly they are. We will also be listing some of the best ones when it comes to WordPress. The CRM industry keeps growing, and it can easily be said that it is the biggest software market in the world. Now… Read More

Elements of a Successful Marketing Campaign – How to Make the Most Out of It

Published on by ; modified on December 24, 2020

Looking from a customer’s perspective, a very well marketed product or service that makes a good impression can lead up to the purchase whether you really need the product or not. Think about it; good marketing campaigns are memorable and stick around for ages after the campaign is actually over. Brands like Coca-Cola or Nike… Read More