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Best Free WordPress Themes for Writers and Authors

You might want to have a fabulous writing site or a more minimalistic one. The choice is ultimately yours to make.

Today is a great time for writers and authors. It’s never been easier to write and share your views online. There are many apps and sites online that enable you to make blog posts. Today we will be focusing on WordPress and, more specifically, WordPress themes designed to make Writers and Authors feel at home. These themes are a perfect addition to your site if you consider making a blog or something else that you know will involve a lot of written text and you want it to shine.

We have to mention one important thing before diving into the theme list. Make sure you have the Simple Author Box plugin. This great little plugin allows you to add and customize a responsive author box anywhere on your site.

Simple Author Box

Some of the main features include:

  • Guest Authors – easily assign guest authors
  • Appearance control – full looks customization
  • Color schemes – manually design your author box or from a template
  • Multiple Authors – Credit multiple people on a larger piece of work
  • Typography control – use any font size and font family

Celsius Theme

Celsius Theme

Celsius is one of the more minimalistic and clutter-free themes. It provides a pure, white backdrop for all content categories, including writing, photography, and videography. The theme also sticks out due to its beautiful typography. It supports multiple post formats, side-out navigation and widget areas, and bold featured images. If you want a simple and clutter-free theme that won’t bombard your visitors but will instead let them focus on the content, this is the plugin for you.

Dansal Twenty Sixteen Child Theme

Dansal Twenty Sixteen Child Theme

Dansal was made based on a very popular WordPress theme Twenty Sixteen as its child theme. The derived version is more focused on bloggers and passionate writers. Because it is a child theme, Dansal shares most of its features with its parent theme – Twenty Sixteen.

Dansal WordPress theme is completely responsive and looks great on all devices and screen resolutions due to optimization. Using the unique Twenty Sixteen Typography, Dansal makes every blog post cleaner and more user-friendly. The theme also has many designs and customization options so you can freely stylize your blog in ways you see will be the best for you.

Impose Theme For Bloggers

Impose Theme For Bloggers

If you wanted an elegant WordPress theme designed for writers made to make it easy and enjoyable to write content, then look no further than the Impose Theme For Bloggers. With its user-friendly approach, you will be able to have an elegant and good-looking blog within minutes of getting this theme. Impose has many customization tools that allow you to craft and present content the way you want it. If you don’t want to burden yourself with customization, the theme comes with a lot of useful templates. On top of all of that, Impose comes with great typography that will please even the pickiest of users.


Davis – Tiny Theme for Bloggers


The Davis theme is another minimal theme for bloggers and writers. Due to it being a lightweight theme, your site will be quick to load to all of your readers. Besides that, this theme comes with support for dark mode as well as Gutenberg. Davis is perfect for beginners who are looking to learn theme development as well. It was built to be as small as possible while still abiding by the WordPress theme directory.

Thankfully, even though it is simple, Davis is very much useful. If you’re looking for a simple and clean blog theme that doesn’t overpower your articles and content, Davis is well worth a try.

We keep saying how lightweight this theme is, and here is the reason why: Excluding the theme screenshot image, Davis theme weighs in at mere 36 kilobytes. We don’t have to say how much this will reduce Davis’s impact on your site speed. Despite its small footprint, Davis features well-considered typography that makes content a pleasure to read, whether on a desktop or a smartphone.

Qwerty – Minimal, Longform Writing Theme

Qwerty – Minimal, Longform Writing Theme

Do you need a minimal, responsive, long-form writing theme? Then Qwerty theme is made for you. One of the highest priorities of this theme was to remove any unnecessary elements. There are no external javascript dependencies, complex image sprites, or heavy web fonts; there is none of that here.

The makers of Qwerty wanted to build the fastest, lightest weight theme they could. It’s about displaying your content without the bloat, making your site load much faster than a typical WordPress theme.

Lingonberry – Simple WordPress Theme

Lingonberry – Simple WordPress Theme

Lingonberry is another no-nonsense WordPress theme. It has all of the features you need and none that would be considered bloat. It’s made to be easy, simple, and user-friendly. As one could assume from the name, Lingonberry has a quite vivid and colorful style that is visually appealing. Lingonberry is perfect for all kinds of post formats and gives you a unique styling for all of them.

You can show off your pictures with the slideshow gallery, or share your audio using the built-in audio player. You can also embed videos from video-sharing sites or from the media gallery.

Lingonberry supports Classic Editor, as well as the Gutenberg editor.


All in all, there are many great options when it comes to picking your theme for Authors and Writers. Most of the choices will come down to personal preferences and your needs and desires. You might want to have a fabulous writing site or a more minimalistic one. The choice is ultimately yours to make. Don’t forget to check out the Simple Author Box plugin. It is designed to work great in conjunction with all author and writer themes and allows you further optimization and customization.