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4 Proven Ways to Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast in 2022

Although it takes time to grow your YouTube audience, using these tips will hasten the process

Success on YouTube is more complicated than it was a few years ago. The YouTube algorithm has undergone numerous adjustments over time. As a result, to grow your channel in 2022, you must concentrate on a few key KPIs and also make sure to have the best Youtube banner maker.

In addition to all other strategies, the caliber of your videos is crucial, so make sure they are well-written, shot, and edited. Producing high-quality YouTube videos is simple and quick with InVideo’s YouTube video editor.

Create an Optimized YouTube Profile

If potential subscribers find your profile interesting, they will be more aware of what to anticipate if they subscribe to your YouTube channel. Someone should be able to determine from the moment they read your profile what kind of value you can provide for them. Give your viewers a good reason to subscribe to your channel rather than one of the many other options available.


Additionally, it’s critical to let people know when new information will be published. YouTube strongly advises avoiding stuffing your profile description with hashtags.

Along with links to your website, online store, or other resources you want your audience to check out, you must also include your contact information, such as an email address or social media handles, which will appear underneath your profile description. You may also increase your number of followers if someone discovers your YouTube channel as a result of a suggestion or recommendation.

Conduct Keyword Analysis

Your videos will rank higher on YouTube and Google if you use keywords in the titles, descriptions, and content. The most crucial action you can do to ensure that people can find your videos is to rank highly in YouTube’s search results.

A wonderful location to start your keyword research is YouTube. You may find what other people are looking for on YouTube by searching for your selected topic. These phrases could all eventually grow into complete articles. Based on this knowledge, your content can be modified to the most common search terms.

One thing to remember is that when searching, long-tail keywords are usually preferred to short-tail ones. Your chances of landing a high ranking are increased as a result. As a result, assertions and questions are better keywords. You may go one step further and view the videos ranked for that specific search keyword by clicking on any of the results.

To overcome the competition, though, depending only on YouTube search results is frequently insufficient. Utilizing technology like VIDIQ, which monitors keywords and assesses their potential for use on YouTube, is essential. Following your registration for the service, install the browser extension. By analyzing search volume statistics, you can use this tool to determine how competitive your keyword is and how likely it is to rank on YouTube.

Find Related YouTube Videos

This following step almost seems inevitable after performing keyword research. It would benefit if you spent some time watching the YouTube and Google videos already generating traffic from the keywords you’re looking at. Simply because you’ll be able to observe what’s not only effective in terms of substance and quality but also what is.


You must carefully assess the films and note any recommendations you may have for their improvement. Review the comments section to find out what others say about the subject you are investigating. Read this part to see what the audience was hoping for and what they loved and didn’t like.

Write Short, Snappy Titles

Your title is second to your thumbnail regarding importance when determining CTR. Told, if your movie’s title does not grab the reader’s attention, they will not watch it. The title you select after completing keyword research influences the content of your video. It’s ideal if your goal term appears in the headline. Additionally, the title must evoke a feeling that the reader can connect to their business-related pain issue.

Never forget that you must fulfill the commitment made in your title.


Although it takes time to grow your YouTube audience, using these tips will hasten the process. We’ve created a list of tried-and-true advice that we’ve evaluated by speaking with YouTube authorities to address how to grow your YouTube channel for free.

If you’re starting on YouTube, browse through this collection of YouTube ideas from top-performing channels and bookmark this guide on creating a YouTube video for later use.