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HostArmada – A Reliable Hosting Service

Find out why HostArmada is an excellent provider of hosting services

Getting a good and reliable hosting service is probably the most basic step you can take if you’re planning to launch your website.

Obviously, there are many different deals you can make, but HostArmada undeniably has some of the best opportunities in the market. To get you better acquainted with their offer, we have prepared a thorough HostArmada review with a detailed look at the latest features you can get. Therefore, if you’re in the market for a hosting service, the following few paragraphs are for you.

About HostArmada

HostArmada entered the fray in 2019, but don’t let that fool you – the people behind this company have been in this business for more than a decade now, so rest assured you are in good hands. It also needs to be said that all services you get from this company are cloud-based, which not only does wonders for your speed and security (the two things this whole company is pretty much based on), but also shows they keep in touch with the latest technological developments and implement them accordingly. The importance of this will quickly become obvious when we take a closer look at the features you get here, so let’s get right to it.


HostArmada Speed

Everyone wants their website to be as fast as possible, that’s just how things go. If your website doesn’t load reasonably quickly, you have no chance of attracting new visitors, the old ones will become fed up with your loading times in a blink of an eye, and search engines with keeping you at the bottom because of your bounce rate will be sky-high.

Fortunately, HostArmada knows how to solve this, and when you take a look at the long list of features you can count on here, you’ll see that you’re getting top-tier service. First and foremost, it needs to be said that everything is based on LiteSpeed and NGINX servers which, according to HostArmada at least, are significantly more powerful than Apache servers. Then there’s CloudFlare’s CDN, which improves the speed at which static content of a website is delivered, and the Brotli compression method, which reduces the size of a page without any losses whatsoever.


But this is just the beginning.
Everything HostArmada has in terms of infrastructure is connected by a 7000 Mbps network, so you can be absolutely sure everything is done as quickly as possible. Furthermore, the servers are equipped with the newest AMD processors, and the very latest SSDs, all of which bring down the waiting time to the bare minimum and increases the system’s efficiency. The latest cPanel is also included, as are the latest versions of php & MySQL. Therefore, you will be able to manage everything with incredible ease and be sure bugs are fixed quickly.
You can see from all of this that the company goes out of its way to ensure its clients have access to the most modern software and hardware solutions. Oh, and there are nine data centers scattered around the world, anywhere from Australia to Canada, which means you have the option of choosing the closest one to you.

HostArmada Data Centers
And we still haven’t covered everything these people have in store for you!
So yes, you can count on some exceptionally high speed, but now we have to take a look at the other pillar of this company. Namely, we have to take a look at…

HostArmada Security

While it is certainly desirable your websites be quick, they also have to be perfectly safe, and this is where your hosting service plays a major role. And HostArmada has nailed that role right down to the most minute detail.

First of all, there are some noteworthy policies in place that help maintain a perfectly secure environment, such as daily backups or incredibly fast patching. These also show that the company is willing to go out of its way to provide good customer service, but more on that a bit later.

Generally, security here can be divided into two categories: website security and environment security. These two “fleets”, as HostArmada calls them, work together to deal with any and all threats that may come your way. The website security fleet will check the static files of your website, keep an eye out for DDoS attacks, deploy a web application firewall to check the requests coming in, impose connection limits that define the number of requests that can come from an IP address, and verify the parameters belonging to every request to make sure they check out.
The environment security fleet, on the other hand, includes a team of system administrators who monitor servers in real time and are ready to jump in anytime, network firewalls, automated scans for any kind of malware, monitoring server logs for any signs of intrusion, and makes sure servers’ OS is patched without downtime.
Each of these features could be broken down into smaller security elements, but we don’t believe there’s any need for that – everything mentioned so far should be more than enough to convince you that every security aspect of web hosting is covered and that you can fully relax and focus on making your website a roaring success.


Fantastic customer service and prices

We’ve established now that the product HostArmada offers is indeed of the very highest quality. Could there be a catch somewhere? Is there anything in the fine print you should be aware of?

Well, in a word – no. As a matter of fact, all proposals are exceptionally fair. The support is available 24/7, so you always have someone to talk to if any problem occurs. There is so much more than that, however.

You will be able to move your website to HostArmada’s servers completely free of charge, there are no cancellation fees you need to worry about, and maybe the best of all, you have 45 DAYS to change your mind and get a full refund. Pretty good, isn’t it?

As for the prices, it needs to be said first that you can choose between three main categories of hosting packages: shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting.

Shared hosting gets you the best prices, plus there’s also a drag-and-drop website builder if you need to quickly set something up. It should also be mentioned that the security, in this case, is very good, and the accounts using shared hosting can’t communicate with each other. The starting price is 13.3 dollars per month for the Start Dock plan, but significant discounts are often applied to that. Apart from Star Dock, there are two other, slightly more expensive plans (with more features, of course) to choose from.

VPS hosting comes with a whole set of interesting features, including free SSL, KVM Virtualization, full ROOT level of access, etc. There are four different plans to choose from in total, with the most basic of them coming with a price tag of 54.95$, 50 GB of SSD storage, one CPU core, and 2 GB of RAM. This goes up to 320 GB of SSD, six CPUs, and 16 GB of RAM for 134.95$ a month. All plans come with a 40 Gbps speed. To learn more about virtual private servers and hosting, VPSInsider is a great place to explore a variety of VPS providers and packages for all users.

Finally, dedicated hosting starts at 149$ and all plans are scalable. There are three of them in total, and they start with 160 GB of cloud storage, 5 TB bandwidth, 8 GB RAM, and 4 core CPUs. See which one fits you best and make your choice.


HostArmada is definitely an excellent provider of hosting services. They use the very latest technology, offer some amazing hardware and software features, which allows them to guarantee exceptionally high speeds to their clients’ websites. All of this is made even more impressive when you realize that this company has data centers all over the world.

The security levels are just as high, with two separate types of features dedicated to protecting the servers and their environment, respectively. The amount of protection you get is really quite impressive, and you can be certain you have a trustworthy partner watching over you, making sure you’re safe.

But perhaps the most impressive part of HostArmada’s business is the measures they have in place to make sure their clients are satisfied. A whole bunch of free features, no cancellation fees and, we have to reiterate this at least once more, the right to a full refund within 45 days from making a purchase. So, no matter which type of hosting service and plan you choose (and there are plenty to choose from, depending on what type of hosting you need exactly), you can expect quite a few interesting features to help you get off to a flying start. There’s even a very intuitive website builder you can use.

So, for all your hosting needs, HostArmada is the right solution. Check their offer to see why.