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Organize Content Ideas and Ai-Generated Keywords on Digital Whiteboards

Creating an effective and good content strategy is an exhausting and time-wasting process that usually requires big nerves, and a willingness to invest your valuable time and effort. When it comes to organizing your work and boosting the productivity of your team, whiteboards are somehow an integral part of those processes.

However, in the sea of software that offers whiteboards as their primary feature, one stands out drastically. With all the features, tools, and possibilities it gives to its users, ContextMinds is the best option you can go for.

About the software


ContextMinds is an AI-based software that offers thorough research, creating, organizing, and visualizing original content ideas faster than with any other software on the market! Widely used among bloggers, content creators, and marketers, it represents an extremely simple tool to use because it has a drag-and-drop method, which will both ease your experience making mind maps on digital whiteboards and save you a substantial amount of time.

Whether you want to create a strategy for a single article or entire content, ContextMinds jumps in as the most effective software you can get for this purpose – easily drag and drop, connect, arrange and sort ideas and keywords, create content outlines, briefs, and a whole strategy with its powerful tools, and create the best strategy that will boost your engagement.

Using intuitive AI and an easy-to-use virtual whiteboard, you can easily create and organize all your content ideas and strategies into mind maps, outlines, and boards. Additionally, AI tracks your activity and generates topics and keywords in real-time, which you can drag and drop anywhere on the whiteboard and organize as you see fit.

AI also provides detailed metrics for every keyword, such as search volume, SERP results, ranking, total monthly clicks, percentage of organic clicks, generated paragraphs about specific keywords, related academic papers for further examination, and even short paragraphs. You may also use it to discover ideas and keywords from earlier maps and quickly access all pinned notes.

You can include and organize links, videos, documents, and other files on your whiteboard. Once you finish creating a mind map you can export it as text, PDF, PNG, SVG, and other formats you prefer, and share it with your team or clients. Others do not need to have a ContextMinds account to access it; in fact, this one allows unregistered users to view shared files.

How to use it?

 As previously said, using ContextMinds is an easy task. The app is made of three sections – A Whiteboard, where all the action takes place, Related concepts, where the AI suggests related keywords in real-time, and Concept details, where the keyword’s metrics are displayed.

ContextMinds app

The first step is to press the add button to start your research. After that, the window where you need to fill in the details will pop up. At the top of it, you need to enter your concept name and scope your search by clicking on the Scopes button on the right. This one allows you to filter and efficiently narrow your search terms by topics, keywords, and trending questions, and limit the search by your previously created ideas if you have already encountered and worked with this software.


Once you determined the topic you want to create your content strategy for, type it in, and let the AI list the best-related keywords. As shown in the picture above, on the right side you will have all the keywords related to your topic, listed by specific parameters such as search volume, and other metrics, which you can add to your blank whiteboard by clicking the ‘Add’ button.

In the Related concepts section, there will be listed related keywords we can include on the whiteboard creating subtopics. As you add the keywords from this section, the AI will change the related topics list generating that way more accurate ideas.

Once you are done with adding keywords to a whiteboard, link them with arrows, or create a hierarchy by sorting them into groups.


 ContextMinds comes in three pricing plans:

  • Basic: Free
  • Pro: $19 a month
  • Pro Lifetime: $69 per user

Final words

Creating the best strategy for your business is just part of the road you and your team have to go. Nevertheless, to cut short your difficulties and to provide you with the essential tools for this purpose, we recommend ContextMinds software as the best solution.