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Profile Builder – The Easiest Way to add Users to Your Website

Add front-end registration, profile, and login forms and improve your membership site

Good job! Your WordPress website is up-and-running, letting everybody know that you are out there, and impressing your new and old customers with what you have to offer. Still, just like with everything out there, you need it to grow and to do more for you and for your customers, and since the branding process isn’t really a walk in the park, you might need a helping hand from a tool like Brandox that allows you to handle all of your brand assets from a single platform with numerous customizations to make sure everything is on point.

You might have considered not being free for all, as WordPress initially is.

There is nothing wrong with that. Actually, there are several different benefits that come from user registration, or from having people to register on your website and get their own profiles. You don’t have to be creating the new Facebook to need this.

The need for this comes from your niche and the benefits for both you and your users. There are some things that WordPress cannot do by itself.

If just the thought of handing strangers Admin roles is giving you goosebumps, you are not alone. It is just not something you should give away easily.

The truth is, with so many different plugins for it out there, it is not crazy to think that you could build an actual space shuttle from your site. It all comes down to what you want your website to do. If you want to add more user roles to your website and give the people the ability to create their own profiles, you need just a single plugin – Profile Builder Pro.

What is Profile Builder Pro?

Profile Builder Pro is a WordPress plugin that will help you get more than just Subscribers and Contributors. It is, in essence, user registration and management plugin for WordPress, which, among other things allows you to add the front-end registration, profile, and login forms. It also has a bunch of add-ons, which you can use to get even more useful features.

How to create users using Profile Builder’s features?

It’s very simple and easy to do. Here’s how:

Shortcodes for front-end login, registration, edit-profile, and password reset forms

Setting up the registration form is a fairly easy task, but let’s start with what should be the first step – figuring out where these forms will appear in the first place. Setting up the form to show up on a specific page is simple – all you have to do is to copy and paste the available shortcodes in the right place. When you configure the form, that is where it will appear.

Email Confirmation for user registration

Not everyone should be able to register, as you don’t want spam overflowing your website. The most common way to deal with this is by enabling email confirmation. If someone is serious about registering on your website, they will have no problem with checking their email and confirming their address.

Setting this up is another no brainer – all you have to do is check a couple of checkboxes, and select a page where your users will land if approved.

Admin Approval for new users

Looking forward to some additional micromanaging? It is understandable that you want to give a second look of who can become a user on your website. You can use this feature to get notified by email when someone tries to become a user, and approve them, or not. This feature, though, is available if you purchase a Hobbyist or Pro version of the Profile Builder. By the end of this article, once you have read of all the additional features you could get, such as this one, it is almost certain that you will decide on one of these plans.

Log in with Email or Username

You can speed up the login process for your users, by allowing them to log in with just their email, or username. Doing this is another no brainer – just select the preferred option from a drop-down menu.

Enforce Minimum Password Length and Strength

People can be lazy and it is not unreasonable to think that their password can be something fairly simple to crack. Use this feature to get rid of weak passwords and strengthen up the security of your website by making them think twice of their password.

Control over the Admin Bar on the Front End

Just like with not allowing them Admin roles, you want to make sure that just a specific set of users can see the Admin Bar in the first place. Your users will, as a result, see a clean interface they know what to do with. You can select these user roles by going under the Admin Bar tab, and simply select what you want them to see, or not.

Extra Profile Fields for registration and edit profile

No need to stick to the basics – this plugin offers a variety of profile fields you can offer to your customers to get the information you need from them. It is a wide selection for the users of Hobbyist or Pro version!

Conditional Logic for Fields allows you to create front-end registration forms which are appropriate depending on user selections. Show some users some fields, and hide some field from other users, with just a couple of checkboxes.

The avatar functionality is also available with the upgraded versions. It will work with any theme your site uses and is perfect if you are having comments. You can also use it with bbpress forum as the add-on.

Drag & Drop to Reorder Profile Fields

Creating the form is, as you can see, fairly simple. Not only you can edit each of these already existing and default types, but you can effortlessly rearrange the order of them by dragging and dropping them in the order that suits you the best.

Content Restriction

The content restriction is probably the best way of getting more from your users by creating the fear of missing out or disabling them from getting something that is reserved only for specific user roles. You can also use this to make sure they sign up, by not allowing content to people who are not logged in.

Roles Editor

It is not true that one role fits all – if it were, you wouldn’t be reading this in the first place. Each role should have its own capabilities, and permissions. This plugin allows you to effortlessly create roles, and change what they can do or see. Once you activate the Roles Editor, you can find these functionalities under the Users tab, and then Roles Editor.

Import / Export Users from / to CSV

You can Import or Export users to a CSV file thanks to this feature. With this, you can import standard user fields or set user roles once you import, or you can export users by their role, for example.

Repeater Fields

Another important feature is Repeater fields, as with it, you can effortlessly create repeated front-end fields or even groups of fields to the user profiles.

Multiple Registration Forms

Multiple Registration Forms are priceless when you need to get several different information types from various users. With it, you can create custom registration forms for different user roles, with each of them having different fields. After getting the information you need, you can further redirect them appropriately.

Multiple Edit Profile Forms

If you are having different roles, then it makes sense for these roles to be able to edit the specific information. With this feature, you can set up different edit-profile forms for different user roles.

Custom Redirects

Each user role has a different path around your website. You can have them land where you want them to land after they log in by using custom redirects. Have them end up on one page after they log in, or another, if the login is unsuccessful since they forgot their password.

Advanced User Listing

If you are looking to list your users, then head on to User Listing feature. Here you will find some straightforward and easy to use templates so that you can effortlessly list them in the way you would like them to be.

You can add extra fields, set up the number of users to be presented on each page, or limit this listing to logged users only. Play with the user roles, and list them with that criteria. Whatever ideas you have for these listings, you can do so with this feature.

Email Customizer

With this feature, you can use the templates to do several important things. If you want to greet your newly registered user, edit the template and check enable email. Let them know by email that their account is activated, or notify them of the status of important changes, such as change password success, or if they have successfully changed their password.

You can set emails up to notify the Admins once the user is registered, too!

A bit of extra

Apart from these useful features, there is a couple of additional things that should be mentioned. The first one is that the Profile Builder is currently available in over 25 languages and that many language options are still underway.

You can download the language packs and use the Profile Builder in your native language!

If even with the Profile Builder in your native language you are struggling with something, don’t worry, it will not let you down. It is proud of its amazing support, and you can rest assured that you will never get stuck. Drop a line or two to the team behind this amazing plugin if you get in trouble and enjoy the amazing support helping you on your way to creating your space shuttle with their plugin.

One of the new additions to the plugin allows you to add users’ locations on a map.

Add-ons for Profile Builder

As seen through the tutorial, with this plugin you can handle everything required to make sure you have appropriate users on your WordPress page. With Hobbyist and Pro versions, you can unlock some of the features that can make your life even easier.

Still, it is not all that this plugin has to offer. If you head on to add-ons tab for this plugin, you will find additional functionalities that can help you create the space shuttle you need.

There are free ones, which you can install and use regardless of the version of Profile Builder that you have, and there are advanced add-ons that you can get with the Hobbyist or Pro versions.

Free Add-ons

Regardless of the version, you can make use of these add-ons:

  • Customization Toolbox – This toolbox gives you several additional options you can use to ccustomizethe process. You can use this to restrict certain domains from registering, generate passwords for your users automatically, or ban some words from being used as the name or user name, for example. If you need more information on what you can do with this add-on, check out this link.
  • Passwordless Login – With this add-on you can remove the dreading step of asking users for their password every time they want to log in. Just add it as shortcode on a page or in a widget, and it will do the rest for you and your users.
  • Import and Export – When creating a back-up file, or if you need to move the data from one Profile Builder to another, this add-on, which exports all settings into a .json file comes very handy.
  • CSS Classes – If you need more classes for your fields, use this addon. It will extend the already existing functionality, and provide you with the option to add custom CSS classes for your fields.
  • Maximum Character Length – Limiting the maximum number of character within a field is useful in so many ways, and with this add-on, you can do just that. Don’t let them get overly excited about typing in your fields.
  • Multiple Admin E-mails – Hopefully, you are not a one-man-band, and you have several people managing the site. Use this add-on to add their emails as well, so that they can also receive email notifications from this plugin.
  • Labels Edit – This add-on can help you edit each and every one of Profile Builder labels.
  • Placeholder Labels – Deal with your labels by replacing them with Placeholders with this add-on. This will remove the clutter that sometimes happens to the forms when you are not being careful.
  • Client Portal – This add-on automates the process of creating user pages. Automatically create a new, private page for new users, and automatically delete them upon user deletion. You can also use this add-on to restrict and manage the content the user sees.
  • Email Confirmation Field – Double check the email address your users wrote in the field, and make this field a required one. It will show an error if the first and second don’t match so that you can rest assured that the email address you got is the right one.
  • Select2 – Instead of letting them type, some times a better solution is the Select field. This add-on allows you to create select fields with search and filter functionality. All of this in a good looking, responsive select box.
  • GDPR Communication Preferences – Luckily or not, the GDPR is here to stay. Since you are creating users, you should consider adding GDPR preferences field and allow your users to choose among them. You can do so by using this add-on.

Advanced Add-ons

With the Hobbyist and Pro version, you can take advantage of these add-ons:

  • Social Connect – This rather useful add-on allows you to create the option for your users to log in on your website by using their social platforms. It supports Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can use this add-on to choose on which forms you want to enable this and to twist and tweak the Social Media buttons.
  • WooCommerce Sync – Synchronisations are good, a good one, such as synchronisation with WooCommerce is even better. With this add-on, you can incorporate WooCommerce fields into your sign up forms to start with, and from there, you can further manage the forms and profiles to make your WooCommerce shop even easier to handle.
  • Multi-Step Forms – Use this add-on to improve the user experience for signing up on your page. You can also create other multi-step forms, such as edit-profile forms, to ease your users into doing so. This is a much better solution when comparing to the other potential result of having them postpone filling in a bunch of fields all at once.
  • MailChimp – Another rather useful integration, as it will help you start an email conversation with your new users by getting their email straight out of the registration form. Thanks to this add-on, you can also effortlessly add the MailChimp widget anywhere on your website, so that those people that hadn’t subscribed through the registration form can do so later.
  • bbPress – This add-on will help you integrate your Profile Builder with bbPress, the famous forums plugin. With this bbPress integration, you can effortlessly transfer bbPress users to Profile Builder, among other things.
  • BuddyPress – If you have already put your trust into BuddyPress to handle your user profiles, you can get it to do more with this BuddyPress and Profile Builder integration. Extend its possibilities by adding Profile Builder user fields to its user profiles.
  • Campaign Monitor – This add-on allows you to expand your Campaign Monitor client lists by adding Profile Builder lists to them, or add Campaign Monitor’s fields to your registration forms.
  • Field Visibility – This add-on does the job of Multiple Edit Profile Forms. It will allow you to edit the visibility options depending on the user roles. Easily select who can see what, and rest assured that only selected roles can see different fields.
  • Edit Profile Approved by Admin – Since you have allowed your users to change your profiles, there will come a time when you will need to monitor and approve those changes. Use this add-on to allow admins to approve or reject changes made by users.
  • Custom Profile Menus – You don’t have to stick with your default menu options. With this add-on, you can add custom menu items in a pop-up. Log in, log out, or edit the profile for example. You can also decide which menu items to show or hide, depending on the user role.
  • MailPoet – MailChimp is not the only newsletter out there, and you might have chosen the MailPoet to do the mailing job for you instead. Good news is that you can use this add-on to allow your users to subscribe to your newsletter through the registration forms, amongst other options.

Wrapping up

If you are getting serious about your membership site, you have to start the right way. That’s where Profile Builder helps, and we are sure you will love all the power that this premium plugin gives you when handling users on your WordPress site.

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