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What Software Do You Absolutely Need On Your Laptop?

Whether you are working on your laptop or just using it for leisure, this is the software you absolutely have to have installed

Not so long ago, what came on a computer was pretty standard. Most people used Microsoft Windows as their operating system, Microsoft Office to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, and one of the few antivirus programs. A lot has changed since then.

Millions of people now use Apple products rather than going anywhere near Windows. They might use Apple’s office suite, but they’re more likely to use Google Drive, which is entirely online. Some insist that MacBooks don’t even need antivirus software.

A Good VPN

Even if you don’t need antivirus software, that doesn’t mean you don’t need any security software at all. A virtual private network (VPN) is crucial to keeping you safe from identity theft. Identity theft is just as bad as it sounds but is incredibly common these days. A VPN hides your location and encrypts your data, protecting you from hackers.

If you’re not ready to spend money on a VPN, try reputable free VPNs. And when I say reputable, I mean it. If you use a VPN that happens to be a dud, chances are you’re going to do more damage than good.


A VPN will also give you access to geo-restricted content, as well as any content your government tries to hide from you if you live in a country with strict censorship laws.

Google Chrome or Firefox

I’ve tried using Safari, as I assumed that at some point I’d gotten stuck thinking of it as it was way back in the past. And the truth is, Safari is much better than it used to be. You can do most of what you can on any other browser, and closing tabs is satisfyingly quick.

However, every so often you will come up against a wall and be unable to view a webpage or use an online app because Safari somehow doesn’t support it. Ultimately, you’re going to need to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, so you should at the least have them installed on your laptop. Once they’re there, you might as well use them. There’s not much you’re missing from Safari or any other web browser that purports to be better than the giants of the industry.

Web Browsers

A Hobby App

Finally, I want to mention something I’ve noticed lately. People use their laptops very functionally these days, often not even thinking about having fun with them. But the truth is that you can do a lot on your laptop that you cannot on your smartphone.

For example, you can create great music or videos using software that either comes free with Apple or is available from other providers. You can write stories you’ve always dreamed about on great apps like Scrivener. You can have creative, fulfilling fun on your laptop.

Computers are far more personalized than ever before, and most of the time anything you could possibly need is available online. However, it is somewhat comforting to know that we do all share some things in common!