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Improve Your CX with These 4 Simple Tips

Published on by ; modified on July 14, 2021

First impressions count. This well-known phrase doesn’t work that well for building a relationship with your customers. In this case, every impression counts. It is built upon many factors, from website content and page load time to payment, shipping, and unboxing products or using services. So, almost everything you do can affect your customers’ attitude,… Read More

[CASE STUDY] 5 Tips I Adopted to Increase my WP Client Closing Rate by 238%

Published on by ; modified on March 20, 2020

When it comes to a client calling you for the first time, or reaching out to you for the first time, whether by phone or email it takes some time to learn a process that works for you. In my time as a WordPress developer over the last eight years, I’ve learned a thing or… Read More

4 Ways to Provide Better Customer Service in 2019

Published on by ; modified on October 21, 2020

Providing excellent customer service is vital for every business. It makes the customer feel respected and valued. This boosts brand loyalty and increases the customer’s overall lifetime value. But it’s more than that. With 54% of consumers expecting better customer service today than they did a year ago, it’s vital for every organization to consistently… Read More

How to Win Your Customers and Keep Them Coming Back

Published on by ; modified on March 5, 2024

Does your business suffer from customer churn? Do customers continually come and go? If so, growth can be difficult. Simply put, the term “customer churn” refers to the situation when your existing customers stop doing business with you. When the time comes to again buy from you, they decline the opportunity. Therefore, you can increase… Read More