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How to Create a Successful TikTok Marketing Strategy for 2022

Use our tried and tested strategies to boost your chances of becoming popular via TikTok

The impact of TikTok can’t be overestimated. In addition to being a tool for procrastination that teens of all ages use, the app has been able to influence music and culture in the present-day significantly. Smart businesses worldwide are trying to join in the action (and cash, of course) by utilizing TikTok marketing.

Many of the most memorable brand moments shared on TikTok happen by accident. In the fall of 2020, Ocean Spray sales and Fleetwood Mac streams skyrocketed after Nathan Apodaca kickstarted the #DreamsChallenge by taking the longboard for a commute.

But don’t worry. If you’re not one of the fortunate companies that stumble upon TikTok fame, it is still possible to build an impressive existence on TikTok.

How do you begin using TikTok for business?

The steps include four required to create a TikTok to Business Account. One of the best things is that it’s free.

Create a TikTok Account

Install the application from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and create an account.

Configure TikTok for business

Navigate to the “Me” page, then tap “…” on the upper right corner, and then click “Settings as well as Security.” Then, click “Manage Account” and “Switch into a business account.” After that, select the best category for your tiny business.

Improve the appearance of your TikTok Profile

Pick a clean username, and upload a profile image that best portrays your brand. Add a short description of your company and your website’s URL to the bio-link box to attract visitors.

Begin sharing your content.

  1. Find Your Purpose and Excel at Branded Content

Before doing anything, consider your “why” to be featured at these sites. People are attracted to short-form videos to watch their favorite creators’ showcase videos that are inspirational, informative, and hilarious. Use this channel to increase your brand’s voice by leveraging reviews of your products and UGC. (UGC).


This is your chance to share the process of creating your brand with your followers. Give behind-the-scenes glimpses about what it’s like to be an element of the brand, whether from influencers or employees.

The most popular content comprises shoots for campaigns and influencers unboxing their products, lip-syncing with familiar sounds, and employees having fun at work. The users of TikTok enjoy a lighthearted time and not professionally produced videos. Fortunately, a low-fi short video is simple to make – all you require is a smartphone.

  1. Create your TikTok

This choice gives the greatest freedom. Start your business TikTok account for your brand (keep looking for the step-by-step directions), and then begin creating your content.

The sky truly is the limit on this site. You can upload everything from showcasing what you have to offer to daily-life-style videos to dance-related challenges. Take a look at Your For You page for inspiration.

  1. Develop relationships with influencers

Influencers are a huge hit on TikTok. Around 25% of the content posted on TikTok includes the name of a famous person or an influencer.

Content creators can create lots of buzz for your company by sharing your products and services with their audience.

This increases the impact of your marketing campaigns and gives you an algorithmic boost by putting your services and products in the eyes of more people.

  1. Boost engagement

The user engagement levels on TikTok do not just come from an untapped heart in every video. Users can leave comments on videos, have discussions in threads, join videos to express their thoughts, and upload them to various social platforms.


For instance, the people behind the software for graphic design Vectornator publish entertaining and enjoyable video clips on their page on TikTok, which are intended to be enjoyed by both existing customers and those new to the program. They focus on ideas and tips for practical use and never fail to entertain and educate.

  1. Go viral

It’s been said before, but becoming viral on TikTok is a new meaning. TikTok’s viral means that you will view millions of users who can see your video and even your posts.

This means that your post appears on the “For You ” page to hundreds of thousands of viewers looking at the same hashtags and looking out for the same information you can offer. Making your video viral is a major aspect of a business, so the TikTok marketing strategy could aid you in achieving this.

  1. Create a brand voice

Another major reason to develop the TikTok plan of marketing is that you can truly create the voice of your brand.

Whether you’re a brand new established business or not, it is possible to communicate your message in an enjoyable style with more than average engagement rates.

  1. Learn about the Current TikTok Trends

Engaging in trends and participating in the conversation are among the most important factors to consider when figuring out how to make your brand go the viral route via TikTok and Instagram and establish your strategy.

Be aware of what’s popular on Instagram and the For You and Discovery pages for content that can be tailored to your personal brand’s voice.

Make it a habit to watch the first ten videos on every platform, and pay close attention to patterns in hashtags, sound effects, special effects, and transitions.


There’s no exact formula for becoming popular via TikTok (but you can use our tried and tested strategies to boost your chances). You should leave the room within the TikTok plan of marketing to get imaginative, enjoy yourself and just go with the flow.

If you fail, learn from the experience and move on to the next project. Suppose your company’s brand is in the wrong direction, such as Ocean Spray or Wendy’s, profit from it. Get involved in the conversation. Don’t be afraid to take it as seriously by TikTok.