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7 Tips For An Effective And Intriguing Coming Soon Page

Increase the chance of turning visitors into fans

While you are in the process of realizing your dream internet presence, chances are, you want to start the hype early with an intriguing and interesting coming soon page. Or maybe you are redesigning your existing WordPress website, and you decided to set up an under construction page, so you do not lose all the first-time visitors.

In both cases, do things wisely and spark their interest with a cleverly thought out design.

But how to achieve that?

Not only that, but increase the chance of turning visitors into fans early on and even presell them stuff. It is all possible if everything is done in a professional and cutting-edge way.

Do your thing and keep the tips below in mind when crafting a page that will announce the exact time and date of your launch day.

Countdown Timer

Coming Soon WordPress

Make sure your coming soon page does not miss a countdown timer. Also, make sure it is correct and not something you randomly came up just because someone said you need to add a timer to your page. Make it a false statement, and they will start doubting in you right away. Instead, make it all accurate and get them intrigued for the big launch day you are hosting shortly. Also, countdown timers spark urgency which comes especially helpful if the D day is just around the corner.

Opt-in form/lead generation

Many may land on your coming soon page, but as soon as they leave it, they forget about it entirely. To make sure you have their presence (even if they are unaware of it), introduce some sort of an opt-in or lead generation form to the page. This way, they can sign up for the newsletter, and you can keep informing them about the big day, so they never forget about it. Also, if you are working on something truly exclusive, tease them and have them excited even more. Or, in some cases, even presell your products and services and experience a successful launch.

Coming soon and maintenance mode - Fashion

Make sure it follows your branding regulations

Regardless of what you do online, even if it is “just” a coming soon page, it clearly must follow your branding regulations. What’s the point in doing something entirely different? It will only confuse your users and make them start questioning whether you are a real deal or someone intrusive. You can do a lot by changing colors and typography which, in most of the cases, will be an exceptionally simple task. For example, if the admins of Web Development Birmingham website started with a coming soon page, they would preferably go with the combination of pink & white which matches they regular website.

Share exclusive information

To make a coming soon page intriguing, you should avoid using a timer and a possible newsletter subscription only. Step things up a bit and share exclusive information and details with those visiting your page. Spark their curiosity, and there is a greater chance of scoring their email addresses which you can later use for all sorts of email campaigns, not to mention, refreshing their memories of your launch day.

You can share images, write texts and even provide a sneak peak aka a teaser video which they will be unable to resist. Be creative, add your signature touch to it and shine online.

Implement a (promotional) video if you can

It was already mentioned earlier that adding a video to your coming soon page can be super rewarding. That said, if you have one, you better not miss attaching it to the page. While we do not really like to read much, we are always down to watch videos as they are that more exciting. You can even create a coming soon/under maintenance page with a full-screen video background and distinguish yourself from the masses. Whatever you do, make sure your imagination does not limit you. If needed, go against the norm and do stuff no one has done yet. This way, you surely will stay in their memories, and if you also happened to capture their email, that is even better.

Coming soon - Journey (video)

Add fun and interest sparking details

This particular tip, how to make your coming soon page more intriguing and effective, might not apply to all niches. That’s all right. But it does not necessarily mean that you should follow your industry rules and regulations to the T. If you are courageous enough, you can always do your creative thing and turn your web presence into something remarkable and impressive.

Coming soon WordPress - Holiday Resort

One simple approach to creating your coming soon page more entertaining is by adding fun and engaging details to it. I know, it sounds almost too easy to be true. Bear in mind, with strong attention to details, you can win your visitors ower much easier.

Keep things simple

Coming Soon WordPress - Simple Beige Design

Keeping things simple is always the winning formula for all web design. With this approach, you place all the information front and center, as well as appear as professional as possible. I know, right? Sometimes, you think about adding all this fancy stuff to make your online presence advanced and complex, but you actually do more harm than good. A distracted visitor will leave your page early, what translates into no email and even an increased bounce rate. Even if you do not have a full page up yet, do not forget about the technical part, too.

Sure, a special effect here and there might be rewarding but only for as long as you do it in a tasty way. Think twice before you execute your coming soon page.