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How to Write Engaging Content: 5 Tips from Paraphrasing Experts

Read some tips given by paraphrasing experts, to help you create unique content for your website or clients

Content creators are always looking for fresh ideas to write about. With all this information on the internet, it is important to create content that is fresh and relevant. It can be easier said than done. This is a great time for content writers because the importance of it is coming to light. A lot of companies are putting content marketing strategies in place. These companies do not always have the staff available to create these attention-grabbing content. This is when writers get an opportunity to shine.

One of the ways to refresh older content is to paraphrase. As a writer, you need to know who your clients are. This will help you determine which tools to use. Writers have to look for inspiration, research and then create content that is of value to the readers.


Before you start writing, make sure to have a little brainstorm session. This process does not have to take up a lot of time. It does influence the outcome of your writing. You just want to have a clear goal of what you want the article to be about. Without planning, you can just write pages upon pages that do not achieve the end goal.

brainstorming ideas

This can be as simple as coming up with a few topic ideas. You can then go ahead and think about what is the most relevant to write about. If you are writing for a client, you need to get a clear understanding of the client’s goals. Use this information as a guide to start brainstorming.

Effective research

Paraphrasing experts believe that we can avoid plagiarism by doing effective research. If you were to read one page on a topic, it is not enough. You stand a bigger chance of unintentionally copying the work of the one page you read. When you dig a little deeper, you have a better understanding. Writing your own content based on your findings then becomes a reality.

business analysis

You might also find that your initial ideas on the topic change when you research beyond the first page on Google. There is a lot of information for us to use, but a lot of it is never seen. Be the type of writer who is willing to research until there is not much else to learn on a topic.

It’s about the reader

We get so sucked into a world of perfect writing that it takes away from the art. If you are obsessed with using apps like Hemingway, use it to a point. You want your writing to resonate with the reader. You can spend hours rewording content, but it is useless if your writing sounds like a dictionary.

It is important for writers to keep in mind that you want human interaction. You want to create content that is engaging and easy to digest. If you believe that the content you created would benefit your readers, you are doing it right.

Provide data

Look at yourself as a data analyst. This will help you understand that the content you are creating needs to be factual. There is some element in writing when you give your own opinion. These opinions need to be backed up by facts. You need to provide data in a form that is understood by the reader. No one wants to read content that is too technical and uses a lot of jargon.


You still want to provide excellent data to your readers. It is about finding the perfect balance between facts and engaging content. This does take some time to get right, but with constant practice it is doable. Analyze some of your previous articles and see how you can improve. You do not have to set up an automatic paraphrase until you understand and are happy with the content.

Have direction

Create an outline of your content if you are someone whose mind wonders. A lot of content online has no clear direction. It is just a bunch of facts stuffed into an article. When you create an outline, you can steer your article in the direction you want. This helps you to not jump from one subtopic to another.

Make sure there is a flow between your facts. It needs to feel seamless to the reader. This ties in with your brainstorming session and understanding the end goal. A good writer allows the reader to follow along. Always keep the reader engaged and anticipating the next fact.


Writing is a complicated art, and with the internet and guest posting, you need to be even more careful. You do not want plagiarism to be a factor for you. Avoid this as far as possible. Plagiarism tools are available to make sure your content is unique. There is nothing wrong with reusing content, but there need to be some changes in the writing. Always write with a plan. At the end of creating content, you need to be happy with what you send out to the world. If not, you need to start from scratch.