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Top Trends In Web Development In 2019

Web development trends are fast-paced and often unpredictable. No single week passes without improvements or new discoveries that influence our understanding of attractive design and convenience in usage.

Here are some things to focus on this year.

Adaptive design

Just think, how many times during the day you take out a smartphone and start researching what is going on? This is a reason why business owners and web developers decided to pack in the entire world in your gadget. People rarely use desktop computers outside working hours, so web design has to adjust, becoming universal and easily scaled for both big screens and smartphones. A website should be convenient to view from any device, and this is what developers focus on.



Web designers promise to use multimedia actively this year – photos, illustrations, interesting fonts. Minimalism is still encouraged, but modern web design has integrated art, fashion photography, animated characters, and welcomes other attractive visual solutions. There is a clear emphasize on using images and reducing the amount of text. Such approach influences the way a user perceives information in a good way.

Multimedia long reads

Meanwhile, long reads in any form become less popular. It is complicated for people to concentrate due to the information overdose. Printed long reads require some efforts to get through, while web ones are even more challenging. Thus, forget about just text with a couple of photos – that is not going to work. Good long reads are a true performance, where text, images, and animations blend together. Highlight the key moments and let a user have some entertainment. Just make sure they will notice important things while scrolling down.



Computer fonts have been developing for years, slowly and with uncertainty. After the clear focus on illustrations and adaptiveness, web designers remembered about all benefits of typography. The rule of the limited number of fonts is still working, but designers use diversity more confidently. The digital typography collection keeps growing.


Time to say “Goodbye” to old interfaces with their sharp corners and meet smooth and pleasant forms. Twitter and Google were among the first to switch to the “soft” interfaces a while ago, but only recently the rest of web resources noticed this trend and decided to support it. Meanwhile, bold color solutions become trendy as well. Don’t worry, a website will not look overloaded if you choose the correct combination of forms and colors.

One-page websites

A demanding user isn’t always willing to explore different pages looking for the necessary information. Thus, 2019 will teach to focus on quickness and convenience. After some research of a customer journey, web designers concluded that landings are the ultimate solution for product presentation.

UX encourages to plan the concepts of one-page websites more precisely. Don’t be surprised if in a couple of years users will just nod to put an item into a basket and proceed to checkout.

For more inspiration check these one-page website examples: One Pager Examples in 2019

Simplicity above it all

As you have already noticed, designers and developers have a lot of work with animation and graphics. Your independence is encouraged: they prepared enough ready-solutions that are easy to figure out for an ordinary web user. Right, we are talking about website builders.

Let’s take, for instance, Weblium. This builder features a couple of dozens of website categories with the fair selection of templates in each. A user is free to choose the one that meets their expectations and just fill it with branded content. A user can choose the best solution, instantly click on a button to order it, and get a ready website in three days. Developers don’t have to spend much time working with a familiar template and focus on introducing the new ones. Everyone seems happy!

Moreover, recently Weblium introduced the do-it-for-you approach. It means that now you can either order a website to be customized for you or just pick a template and do it on your own. If you figure out how to work with it, you will be able to launch websites for other people. 2019 sounds like a year of perspectives, doesn’t it?