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How to Use Interactive Content To Increase Conversions?

If you can provide more value to your clients, your company will enjoy increased conversions and other business improvements.

Today, websites visitors are spoiled with choices, so it’s pretty hard to surprise them with high-quality article or video. In fact, modern internet users don’t want to read and don’t want to watch. They want to interact.

So, if you have a goal to increase conversions, you have no other options but to create interactive content.

Facilitate decision-making process

The typical buying process starts with the stage of the problem identification. If you struggle to boost conversions and see that your audience is stuck in this initial stage, you should help it to move further. Using interactive content, you can convince your potential clients that they urgently need your goods or services.

Take a look at Wevorce website. It invites visitors, who are thinking about divorce, to take a short quiz to understand what steps they should take next. Depending on the user’s answers, the system recommends following one of these scenarios: to file a divorce and get the assistance from a legal expert (to utilize Wevorce’s services) or take some more time to decide whether separation is the right solution.

Facilitate decision-making process

Help to identify the most suitable product

If your website offers a wide variety of products, it can cause a paradox of choice. When a customer has too many options to choose from, he feels frustrated and leaves a page without making a purchase. To avoid this problem, you can use interactive content, which will assist customers in finding an ideal product.

Let’s consider an example. DS Laboratories is a cosmetics company, which manufactures and sells dozens of hair treatment products. When shoppers arrive on its website, they find it challenging to choose only one shampoo from a wide range.

To assist customers, a company created an assessment quiz, which identifies common hair problems and defines two or three most suitable products. As a result, when a site provides user only with a few options to choose from, shopper doesn’t hesitate to complete the action.

Help to identify the most suitable product

Make clients feel happy

Sometimes, everything you need to do to boost conversion is to make your visitors smile. Scientists state that if your content evokes positive emotions, clients will more likely buy your products. So, if you want to achieve great results, you should incorporate some interactive elements on your website to entertain your visitors.

The hilarious quizzes like “What kind of pizza are you?” and “Which Harry Potter character are you?” are extremely popular among young people. So, if you target Millennials and Generation Z, feel free to use this kind of content to increase reach and engagement.

You can also place a simple trust page png to let know your clients they’re on the right site.

Make clients feel happy

Educate your target audience

Every company, which wants to build credibility online, should teach and educate its target audience. However, the point is that it’s not that simple to attract the users’ attention to the learning materials. Most of the people find the common studying process boring.

So, if you are looking for a way to increase the conversion of educational and explanatory content, you should create interactive infographics or maps. It will grab and retain the visitors’ attention and, consequently, people will learn more. Whether your target audience consists of kids, students, or adults, this type of content will work effectively.

Educate your target audience

Help clients to calculate

Clients always want to know in advance what price they will have to pay. For this reason, online calculators are useful for most of the companies.

For instance, this type of interactive content is beneficial for online stores, which charge clients for fragile and non-standard items transportation or international shipping. Also, this tool works effectively for financial services companies, when it comes to measuring mortgage, deposits and taxes rates.

The point is that even if your website already contains comprehensive information about the applicable rates, terms, and conditions, not so many people will try to calculate the price on their own. Some of your potential customers are bad at math. Others are too busy to complete this time-consuming task.

Loan Calculator

However, if you decide to place an online calculator on your website, clients will be able to find out the final price fast and easily. As a result, customers will feel protected from the unexpected expenses and won’t hesitate to place an order. There is no room for a doubt that online calculator is an effective conversion booster.

Make your content shareable

You can quickly drive the conversion rate if you increase reach and engagement. To achieve this goal, you should make your content shareable. You should invite users to interact with your website and create an effective social media strategy: repost your content on their social media profiles and share product links with friends.

For instance, Tiffany&Co. added a “drop a hint” button, which allows shoppers to send a product link to a potential gift giver. This type of interactive content works even better than you can imagine! Thousands of women, who don’t like surprises, enjoy using this tool a lot to point out on the presents they would want to get.

Tiffany Drop a Hint

Wrap up

Nowadays, SEO is all about user experience optimization. So, when you incorporate interactive quizzes, calculators, and infographics, you automatically improve your website’s ranking.

However, if you have never created interactive content before, you should analyze the preferences of your target audience first. If you can provide more value to your clients, your company will enjoy increased conversions and other business improvements.