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Still not Using a Coming Soon Plugin?

This is What You're Missing.

If you talk to other webmasters & blog owners, the chances are that many of them still do not know about coming soon pages. And even those who do, do not realize the importance of having a coming soon page turned on for their new blogs.

If you’re still not sure whether you should use a coming soon page, let us show you why it’s a good thing to have.

Hide the Designer’s Mess

Designing a site, modifying a theme, and setting up just a few plugins takes time. If you want it the right way, this process can last for weeks. Especially if the client keeps nagging and you want to have it perfect.

  • Do not show an empty page.
  • Instead of an incomplete site, show a professionally designed coming soon page.
  • Let your designer work an extra few days on your site, knowing a coming soon page takes care of the visitors.

Prepare Your Site for Search Engines & Improve SEO

Preparing a site for Google and other search engines takes time & skill. With a proper coming soon page, you get a headstart and work on your SEO even when the site is not yet read.

  • Write your keyword and run over 20 tests on various aspects of your SEO.
  • Modify the SEO title and meta description.
  • Exclude the page from search engines if necessary or block search engines from crawling it when needed.
  • See a real-time preview of how the site will look in Google’s search results.
Coming Soon & Maintenance SEO

Carefully craft your content in order to rank your site as best as possible from day one

Create a Hype

Even though your website is not completed, that does not mean you can’t start showing customers what you got.

  • Start teasing a product you’re about to sell.
  • Show images and videos of something you’re working on.
  • Launch a giveaway, and entertain people while they’re waiting for the full-blown site to go live.
  • Display a countdown to an event or product launch, and make people wait for it with you.

Connect with your Audience

If you purchase a domain for your new site but leave it empty, how do you expect those first visitors to contact you? On the other hand, a simple coming soon page can connect them to your social media or let them directly contact you via email.

  • Place social media icons, and redirect your first visitors to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media.
  • Show a contact form and let people send you an email.
  • Write your phone number.
  • Display a Google Maps module, and show them where your brick & mortar store is located so they visit.

Google Maps on Coming Soon Page

Collect Leads

A coming soon page lets you collect information from your visitors who can, because of it, more easily turn into a regular customer.

  • Customize a form, and place it on the coming soon page.
  • Let people subscribe to a newsletter.
  • Start collecting preorders.

Show Newsletter on Coming Soon Page

Start Selling

Creating an online store isn’t something you can wrap up in a single day. But even while you’re dealing with the inventory, shipping plugins, and finding the perfect layout of the store, you can showcase your bestsellers.

  • Announce the online store, and start counting down to its launch date.
  • Show a few products that can be purchased, and connect with the first customer via email or phone.
  • Give discounts to people who visited you before the launch.