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The 10 Best Ways of Editing LinkedIn Profile According to SEO Parameters

These tips are going to boost your profile up a notch and help you be found by recruiters, hiring managers and employers

The power of having an optimized LinkedIn profile has been denied for a long time. We now know better.

You can really take this opportunity and allow it to work in your favor. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as purely creating an account.

A lot of factors are crucial when creating your LinkedIn page in a way that helps you be found by the right people. SEO is one of the ways you can use, if not the only way. When you are editing LinkedIn profile, you want to be sure that you are found when certain searches are done. These tips are going to boost your profile up a notch and help you be found by recruiters, hiring managers and employers.

Setting up LinkedIn profile

Custom URL

A lot of people do not even know that it is possible to get your own LinkedIn URL, but it is a great way to boost your profile. You can then go ahead and add this URL much easier to your resumes and any other professional communication you send out. This will eliminate the very confusing URL you receive initially. It is recommended to use your full name in this instance. Even if people do not see your link anywhere, they can search for your name, and it saves so much time.

Network more

The people that you have in your LinkedIn network serves a purpose more than just communicating with you. When you have influencers on your page or in your network, it helps the search engines. Who you are connected with on this platform will help see what your interests are as well as the industries you network in.

Keyword headlines

Using keywords is probably the easiest way you are going to be found on LinkedIn and the internet as a whole. This is the way the system works and if adhered to, can work in your favor tremendously. Add keywords to your headlines and make sure the keywords are not too vague.

Keyword Headline LinkedIn

Professional image

Do not include a picture of you at a barbecue last Saturday. If it means that you pay someone to take a professional headshot, then rather do that. Keep in mind that this platform is for professionals and you want to be seen in that way. It is also advisable to use the same one on your other social media profiles. This way, people can easily recognize and realize who they are dealing with.

Add resume

Always add a copy of your resume on LinkedIn. Sometimes we can only say so much on the electronic one, and you might have some more details you want to display. When uploading a resume to LinkedIn, do not be intimidated. It is as easy as you would have uploaded your picture. The process is very streamlined and easy to do.

Keep it short

When you are filling in the section with your job description and experiences, keep it scan-friendly. People do not have the time, nor enjoy reading long paragraphs, so keep it short. Someone should go over to your profile and in 10 seconds get an idea of what your skill set is. Break up your paragraphs into shorter ones, or simply creating lists with bullet points.

Linkedin profile


Write your own content and add it to your LinkedIn profile. It is understandable that not a lot of people are professional writers, but share within your industry knowledge. You can even find a LinkedIn profile writer who is more experienced in the field. It is important to become part of the LinkedIn community as far as possible for you. Contribute to forum discussions as well. These are all steps where you are sharing your knowledge, and you never know who might find what you write interesting.


Add some projects that you have worked on and have succeeded at. This is important because you are proving a track record of success. Include keywords in this section as well. Think about what someone would be searching for when you want your profile to be found.

Projects are often a way to prove your skills and knowledge. By adding these, you show that you are worth the money.

Optimized summary

LinkedIn will give you 2000 words with which you need to impress the world. You want to use these words wisely. Do not complete it in a hurry, just to get something up. Instead, if it takes you a whole week to come up with a great summary, then it is worth the wait. Write a summary that is engaging and based on facts. Your hard work up until this point comes down to how well you write this summary, so give it the time and attention it deserves.

Name your photos

When you straight download a picture from a camera, there is probably not a name attached to it. You can easily do this yourself. When you name your pictures, it also helps your profile to be found in the search engines. It’s a clever trick that people often forget to do.


You can now use LinkedIn as more than just a networking tool. There might be a new job opportunity with your name on. Now that you have optimized your profile, you are going to receive a lot more profile views. This is a great step in the right direction. Even if you are not currently looking for employment, there are great opportunities with your name on.