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When Creating and Maintaining Sites for Clients, Every Minute Counts.

When you start creating sites for clients, everything’s fun and games. A client asks for a specific design, and you already enjoy building things with WordPress, so there’s not a single problem. You can even go grab lunch while waiting for the client to approve the new design, and you do not mind much if they ask for a revision.

But as your company grows, the number of clients under your wing keeps on rising. Each revision feels like an extra weight on your bar, and maintaining sites feel impossible. That’s the moment you realize you can not do everything.

That’s why we have created the Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin for WordPress that acts like a spotter standing behind you while doing that bench press. Yes, it will help you out removing the weight from your shoulders (pecks, we know).

Use a Professional Theme Instead of Designing a New One

Whether you’re starting a new site for a client or doing maintenance for an existing one, the first step should be placing that site under construction (coming soon mode). By doing so, visitors will know what’s going on instead of seeing a blank page or even worse, a broken site.

  • Choose from 170+ professionally designed themes.
  • Modify a theme in minutes instead of wasting hours.
  • Start marketing, collect leads, and allow people to contact you.

Have Everything in One Place

Managing one or two clients is not as same as having a dozen on your list. So, instead of having multiple tabs cluttering your browser, you could control them via a single dashboard.

  • Manage and create licenses for all of your sites.
  • Block sites that you no longer have access to.
  • Turn on and off extra features for specific clients.

Remotely Control Coming Soon Pages

Even if you’re on a vacation, you can quickly control all of the clients’ sites through the Dashboard.

  • Enable or disable a coming soon mode via a single click.
  • View statistics for each site.
  • Synchronize data when needed.Remote control a coming soon page

Rebrand the Plugin

Do you work in an agency? Are you a soloprenuer who works with dozens of clients on a monthly basis? Then you can quickly rebrand the plugin, and sell it as part of your service.

  • Change the name of the plugin, add new descriptions
  • Remove all WebFactory branding, as well as the original plugin name, visuals, and descriptions.
  • Upload a custom logo, change colors, and modify the plugin’s CSS until you make it your own.
  • Let your customers think it’s a custom plugin crafted specifically for their needs.

Custom Branding for Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin WordPress

Use Free Images that Look as those you’d have to Pay for

Professional images are not cheap. But why would you have to spend money on images when there are already millions of free ones that look amazing?

  • Search for a FREE image and set is the background without leaving the plugin.
  • Don’t waste time on browsing random sites with low-quality pictures.
  • Sleep tight because all the images are completely free, and no one will accuse you of stealing.