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Simplicity In The App Design Is The Key To Drive More Traffic

Having a simple application will not only make it look nice but it will help you attract more visitors as well

Whether it is a mobile app or a website, there must be simplicity in its design which is the key to its success. A simple app or website will drive more traffic as compared to any other that is full of complex features and concealing content elements.

You can achieve personalization depending and considering a wide variety of factors that include:

  • Customer demographics
  • Their behaviors and
  • The current location of the users taking in the app.

Over time, you can customize the content of the app even further based on the past browsing as well as the purchase history of the users.

Typically, an app must provide content that is geographically relevant by default. This is the most effective way to make the mobile app more personal considering all the necessary attributes and needs of the users, and proper app design firms can easily take care of that.

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It is also important to make sure that the content and provisions of the app is relevant and apt for the purpose of the users. For example, when a person is looking for debt consolidation ratings it will be highly annoying if the content speaks about the benefits and consequences of debt settlement, though both are equally good debt relief options. For more please visit

Therefore, if you consider both the location factor and the elements to include in your content, it will in turn make the app more useful and encourage the users to connect with you in a more positive manner through your app and thereby an extension to your brand.

Ways to achieve

There are a lot of cool things that you can do in order to develop a mobile app that is useful and personalized. However, it is necessary to make sure that these things incorporated also align with your goals and the needs of your users otherwise it will hurt them more than help. A few things to remember in this aspect are:

  • Not using too many features so that you cream your mobile app so that it reduces its appeal as well as its functionality
  • Selecting and incorporating only those elements that are actually necessary by the users to perform the specific task
  • Make sure that the app is very easy for the users to navigate and incorporate buttons and keys that even a less educated person understands its function and purpose

It is true that you can incorporate a lot of things in your app but better app design means simplicity which is the key to success. The design should be usable, which is the primary requirement of mobile app development. Tools like AppMySite now even enable companies to build and publish apps without any kind of programming.

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When it comes to simplicity, you must look at the options provided. All these should be as simple as possible. For example, when it comes to payment, make sure that the users can either pay with a simple note or request to supplement the monetary amount. To ensure your app, like the app for a global coffee shop chain is simple, you must keep a few things in mind such as:

  • The goals of your users
  • What are they looking for
  • How they access the app
  • How quickly they can complete a task
  • How effective is the process
  • How enjoyable is the entire process
  • Whether there are any pain points
  • Are there any chances of confusion arising during any stage of the process and
  • Whether or not the entire process is humanly possible to complete.

You may focus on a few additional vanity features but make sure that it is essential and will not distract your users from performing the desired task at hand quickly and successfully.

Driving more users

That means in simple words, a simple app design should not include any element that can make the users feel that the process is overwhelming and they are eventually less satisfied with their overall experience while using your app. This will force them to leave it and look for another suitable alternative thereby resulting in a huge loss to your business in the form of lost traffic, that too in large numbers.

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Remember, it is only you who can definitively determine whether your mobile app is suitable for your business. There are several businesses that are well-served and performing well through their efficient and highly optimized mobile website but fail to provide the same experience or draw the same traffic using their mobile app.

It is only a rich experience that will give the users a reason good enough to download your app in the first place and then incentivize them to continue using the app on a regular basis. It is this personalized experience that will ensure that the mobile app experience is relevant which will ensure and provide an assurance that the user will continue to come back for more.

Key attributes to include

In order to make sure that you provide your users with value and offer utility through a mobile app, there are a few key attributes to incorporate in your app design. You will need to ensure a few things in the app such as:

  • The design is simple
  • It has an easy and intuitive navigation
  • It offers a seamless checkout process and
  • It is enjoyable to use.

The app design should be such that the users can make connections and use it wherever they are and wherever they are going. Creating an app is not just filling a missing channel for your brand but it is about providing your customers with a richer experience. This you can only do when you put their motivations and needs in the front. The process can be challenging, so if it’s too far from your comfort zone, you can always reach out to a mobile design agency.

At this point, you should also remember that mobile technology is at present ruling the entire world and is still growing. You will see a smartphone or a tablet being used by almost everyone as the most critical channel but that certainly does not mean that any app is just right for everyone. You must make it a point to create one just for your specific users to ensure its success.