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11 Best PHP frameworks for Modern Web Developers (2019)

If you're a web developer, you have to consider these frameworks and improve your working environment.

A PHP developer is known as the most preferred and trusted web development and creating beautiful and creative web pages, websites and web applications. There are certain PHP development frameworks that are crafted for you, to make your work more easy and handy, and these frameworks, you can use it very easily as it is really not difficult to use, you can simply put your hands on to it and start your work.

There are several PHP development frameworks mentioned below to make your web pages and web applications more secure and easy to work.


Laravel is right now at the number positions in the list of PHP development frameworks that have been created. Laravel is created to make your work faster so that you can easily create secure web applications and web content without any hassle. This consist of various Laravel packages that you can use for creating your beautiful and creative web applications and web pages. These features can be easily added with the robust and give you the full freedom to work according to your choice.


CodeIgniter is one of the rapid and secure frameworks for you for easier and powerful performance. You just have to simply download and start working. The working is very easy and anyone can do use this. Making of full-fledged web applications and web pages is very easy and convenient to work here with the framework.


Symfony is the one PHP frameworks development that is known to give you the desired way of working. It is very stable and is highly documented to give you more options for working with the advance working system. This is the main quality of the PHP frameworks development that you cannot see anywhere else. The main element is that it is used for professional works and is famous among big businesses houses.


CakePHP is for learners, if you are willing to learn without any hassle then this is the one for you. CakePHP is good for beginners to start their work. This is one of the rapidly developing commercial web apps and comes with functionalities and packages.


Phalcon is one of the fastest PHP frameworks development known, this allows you to do coding and it is blazing fast and also the best part about the framework is that it uses very fewer resources as compared to other PHP frameworks development, so this allows you to work with several features.


Aura is one of the basic PHP frameworks that are good and can be put to best use for basic web pages and applications.

 The framework is kind of a set of libraries that are put together to let you design and create basic web applications and web pages according to the latest web design trends.


Fat-Free is a full-fledged jam-packed framework that offers you with so many stuff all at the same time. It is the main PHP frameworks development that contains many options like unit testings, image processing, data validation, open-ID and many more options from the packages that are meant to make your work easier and faster.


Phpixie is one of the new PHP frameworks development that is very lightweight and is having simple modulations to work with. It can be best put to use with the starting of the web applications and web pages that you can create effects with the help of the simple coding and boxing rules that are being offered by the framework. So it comes out to be very easy and simple to use.

Fuel PHP

Fuel PHP is one of the well known and yer very sophisticated and modular framework that is developed by architecture minds and can work with multiple applications at once. This allows you to work smoothly with the various packages that are available for you to create beautiful and creative web pages and applications.


Slim is the beginner-friendly framework that is designed to do minimal work and has no hassle which allows you to work with HTTP caching and API’s and Url. This allows you to work effectively as a beginner to make your PHP impressive and effective.

Zend Framework

Zend Framework is mainly used in professional work and is known to give you high output and also has high security that makes your work easy and fast. The high tech framework is used in bigger companies and big applications so it has features according to the need and demand of the big applications. The work can be done at a blazing speed and gives you high output.