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Tips for Protecting Your Intellectual Property

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Intellectual property can have varying levels of importance in a business, but still, you do want to make sure what you have is protected to the best of your ability. The protection can come in two general areas. The first is legal protection, and the second is cybersecurity protection. In terms of cybersecurity protection for… Read More

A.I. Development and the Future of Education

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Artificial intelligence is a term used for systems that mimic human intelligence. It’s the live chat at any eCommerce site, which makes you think you’re talking to a real person. It’s in the ads that Facebook suggests when you think it’s overhearing your conversations. It’s in the autopilot that makes a pilot’s job way more… Read More

The Benefits of Starting a Blog for Your Business

Published on by ; modified on August 12, 2019

Running a business can be very rewarding and lucrative but it can also be a huge challenge. These days, you face lots of competition from rival businesses no matter what sort of industry you are in. While there are various different methods of marketing your business and raising the profile of your brand, one of… Read More

Simplicity In The App Design Is The Key To Drive More Traffic

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Whether it is a mobile app or a website, there must be simplicity in its design which is the key to its success. A simple app or website will drive more traffic as compared to any other that is full of complex features and concealing content elements. You can achieve personalization depending and considering a… Read More

4 Ways to Secure Your Web Host

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The hosting industry is under constant attack. Hackers are using every tool at their disposal, including DDoS attacks, botnets, and malware. When you create a web page, you should know that over the course of your site’s lifespan, one of these threats is likely going to appear. Enforce Password Complexity A brute force attack is… Read More

What Software Do You Absolutely Need On Your Laptop?

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Not so long ago, what came on a computer was pretty standard. Most people used Microsoft Windows as their operating system, Microsoft Office to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, and one of the few antivirus programs. A lot has changed since then. Millions of people now use Apple products rather than going anywhere near Windows…. Read More

All You Need To Know On Picking the Perfect Shopify Theme for Your Online Store

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They say, never judge the book by its cover! However, this adage apparently holds no good when you are out shopping for a theme for your Shopify store. In fact, your visitors are definitely going to judge your store from the theme it carries. Hence, it’s extremely important to make the right choice when it… Read More

Maintaining Customer Interest While Under Maintenance

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As a business, your website maintenance automatically results in downtime for your business. Regular maintenance is necessary to upgrade your site, and this does result in visitors not being able to access the wealth of information on your site. Therefore, it is important that maintenance work on your business site should be taken care of… Read More

WP Reset – The Easiest Way to Start Your Website From Scratch

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The trouble with a WordPress site is the fact that it is never perfect. You know the drill – no matter how good it looks, or works, you always need more from it, and you, or your set of developers, keep adding more functionalities. More possibilities mean more money in your pocket, right? Or, you… Read More

Profile Builder – The Easiest Way to add Users to Your Website

Published on by ; modified on July 8, 2019

Good job! Your WordPress website is up-and-running, letting everybody know that you are out there, and impressing your new and old customers with what you have to offer. Still, just like with everything out there, you need it to grow and to do more for you and for your customers. You might have considered not… Read More