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Best Email Validation Tools

Published on by ; modified on June 15, 2021

Do you have a full-email list, but your click-through rates are not so stellar? One of the primary reasons why that could be the case is that some of those emails are invalid, no longer in use, etc. These tools verify emails and your list and check their validity. This has pretty much become standard… Read More

MilesWeb Review: Most Affordable & Fastest Host for WordPress Site

Published on by

A relatively new name on the international web hosting arena, MilesWeb is fast emerging as a cheap hosting provider for high-performance websites. Especially in the last couple of years, MilesWeb has risen to place itself among the highest-rated web hosting companies. As a result, various trusted rating and review platforms like Host Review, Google, and… Read More

Best Free WordPress Themes for Writers and Authors

Published on by

Today is a great time for writers and authors. It’s never been easier to write and share your views online. There are many apps and sites online that enable you to make blog posts. Today we will be focusing on WordPress and, more specifically, WordPress themes designed to make Writers and Authors feel at home…. Read More

12 Gmail Extensions for Better Email Productivity

Published on by ; modified on June 10, 2021

Today, we have a lot of sources of communication. The number of different applications increases every day. Despite that, email is still present, and we can’t imagine business communication without this method of exchanging messages. Gmail is an email service provided by Google. Most people work with Gmail every day and spend most of their… Read More

Best 10 WordPress Maintenance and Support Services

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When working as a solo WordPress developer, you are always in a time crunch. You are delivering the best outputs one after one. But have you ever thought about the WordPress site and its owners to whom you have delivered your projects and what happened with the sites & their owners once you have made… Read More

5 Best WordPress LMS Plugins to Create & Sell Courses

Published on by ; modified on July 7, 2021

If you’re looking for the perfect LMS plugin for your existing (or future) WP site or business (see how to start llc in texas), you’ve come to the right place. Every LMS (Learning Management System) plugin should have features like different pricing options, managing and creating courses and lessons, managing subscriptions, and communication with your… Read More

Best Cold Email Software to Help you Close Sales

Published on by

In laymen’s terms, cold email marketing is an unsolicited email sent to a potential client without any prior contact. Now, this is commonly mistaken for spam, but that’s not really what it is. Businesses that employ such tactics send their emails to a targeted audience interested in what they have to offer. Otherwise, it would… Read More

Best Plugins for Food and Recipe Websites

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Are you the type of person who can make a new recipe from scratch or the one who knows exactly which flavor goes with which spice? Maybe you just love to eat and try out different cuisines and restaurants. If the answer to any of those two questions is yes, why don’t you have a… Read More

40+ Highly Appreciated Web Solutions

Published on by ; modified on November 26, 2021

After many days and many coffees, me and my colleagues managed to finish this very long and comprehensive article. We selected the most appreciated 40+ web solutions from different niches – WordPress maintenance, website builders, web development and SEO agencies, time-tracking software, font identifier tool, and many others. To do that, we analyzed hundreds of… Read More