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The Ultimate Guide to Creating Perfect Thank You Page (plus Examples)

Improve your online business with this powerful invisible selling machine

There’s a page on your website that’s a goldmine waiting to be clicked. It’s not your checkout page and neither your product/service page.

It’s none other than your thank you page.

However, create it wrong, and you miss opportunities to do better. Believe it or not…thank you page has enormous potential to nurture leads and boost sales. In this post, we’re going to help you with creating the perfect thank you page with some decent examples.

First Thing’s First

What is a Thank You Page?

A thank you page is an important page on your site. That’s where your users are directed to after they’ve either made an actual purchase or when they fill out a particular opt-in form on your site. It is an approach to acknowledge the time a user invests in a product or service of your business.

Understanding the significance of thank you page

It’s important to comprehend the importance of thank you page on your website. That’s the only way you can get started with creating a perfect thank you page.

Let’s start with a simple question – how much thought did you really put into a thank you page?

If you’re just like many other website owners, then your thank you page is also not serving much of a use except for confirming that someone has completed the procedure or opted in successfully.  Thus, what’s the real deal here?

The real deal is that your thank you page marks a crucial moment in your customer journey. This could be the time when a user has stopped being a regular reader. Instead of continuing with browsing, they’ve finally decided to say, “Yes, I am truly interested in buying your product.” Or, your thank you page could be the time when a user has completed shopping around and eventually pulls out their bucks. In other words, they’ve now become an actual paying customer. Either way, that user of thank you page is entirely ready to take the next step with your sales process.

In short, all we want to say is that your thank you page should take advantage of that momentum. If it fails to take it, then you’re leaving behind a lot of bucks on the table.

Are you now primed to learn what it really takes to create the perfect thank you page? If so, then continue reading to know it with decent thank you page examples.

3 Essential Elements for Creating Perfect Thank You Page

Every thank you page must include the following three essential elements:

  • A confirmation message

  • A clear call-to-action

  • Specific instructions on what a user should do next

If any of the above key elements are missing, the thank you page will surely miss opportunities to earn some profit for your business.

Let’s comprehend each element in detail.

Confirmation message

For the outstanding user experience and in order to serve its main function, the thank you page much incorporates a confirmation message that says, an action of a user was successful. You have to spell it out for users; otherwise, you’ll definitely risk leaving the disoriented or confused.

A straightforward, Your order is successful, or Thanks a lot for subscribing, will do wonder. However, ensure that the message is clear.

Call to Action

If you would like to keep leaving bucks on the table, then you’ll have to make users take the next step right away. That’s when the call to action element comes in picture.

You’ve now confirmed your user’s successful action, and you’ve illustrated what will really happen next, it’s time to add a call to action (CTA) to your thank you page in order to take it to the next level.

A very clear and simple CTA will make your users take the next step in your business’s sales process. Believe it, or not….adding CTA to your thank you page will make a difference in terms of your sales and conversions. Your CTA or call to action could be as straightforward as requesting your new users to download their lead magnet. Or it could be more complicated such as recommended numerous blog posts to read.

Specific instructions

Last but not least is adding specific instructions to your thank you page to tell users what to do next. You now already added a CTA that provides users with the next step. However, to make users take that next step, you’ll have to get specific about what and how they can do it.

Let’s take an instance; if your CTA is to ask users to whitelist you, then you could incorporate a short video tutorial of how they can do that.

Thank You Page Examples

When someone (your any user) successfully opt-in to your newsletter, you can use your thank you page to achieve one of three primary goals.

  • Driving traffic to your opt-in.

  • Starting to nurture

  • Acquiring customers right away.

These kinds of thank you pages perfectly work to create more leads, and sales.

The following are some after-opt-in thank you page examples.

Example 1: The Snowball Effect

Believe it or not…your thank you page can really result in driving more opt-ins.

Using your thank you page for driving traffic to the opt-in form can boost your opt-ins, and it further boosts your traffic, which boosts your opt-ins further and so on. And the result will be a powerful snowball effect. Isn’t it right?

How to make a snowball effect? You can do it by inviting new subscribers or users for sharing your opt-in page with their dear ones. You can incorporate social media sharing buttons in order to make this possible for your users.

Example 2: The Lead Nurturer

You can even take advantage of your thank you page to start the lead nurturing procedure right away. One approach to nurturing leads on the thank you page is by suggesting blog posts that relate to the lead magnet they received. This will keep your users reading as well as browsing your website for longer. Also, you can ask them to sign-up for an event or webinar.

There is another way to begin nurturing leads right away is by requesting them to take part in your community. By generating new leads into the community or social platforms, you can have more of a deal with them.

Example 3: The Tripwire

After any user opt-in with his/her email id, you can monetize the thank you page and take advantage of it to quickly turn that new lead into the actual customer. For this, you’ll have to have a low-dollar offer or also known as a “tripwire.” Although it’s priced very low, the offer still needs someone to grab their wallet to become an actual paying customer.

Here are 15 more thank you page examples to help grow your business, as well as tips on how to create your own.

Some Final Words

Now, you’ve probably realized the importance of thank you page on your website. It’s no more additional thing, but a necessity that could make a big difference for your online business. So, make the best out of your thank you page. Luckily, our comprehensive guide that includes thank you page examples help you get started with ease.