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Benefits of Outsourcing Electronic Design Development

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Outsourcing electronic design has become increasingly popular in recent years, as companies look to leverage the expertise and resources of external providers to bring new products to market. While outsourcing can offer many benefits, including cost savings, access to specialized skills, and faster time-to-market, it is not always the right choice for every project. Knowing… Read More

Digital Marketing Tips for Your Office Furniture Business

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Companies are always looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition, and one way to do so is by embracing digital marketing. Whether it’s creating a website, running social media campaigns, or launching a digital ad campaign, digital marketing can be an effective way to get your furniture company noticed and increase your customer… Read More

Manage Group Classes, On-demand Appointments, and Payments on One Platform

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We all indeed have many obligations, but successful individuals differ from others in how they manage their time. Time management allows us to do what we need to and enjoy the activities that make us happy. Those who perform tasks spontaneously are more often under stress and, despite the effort invested, do not achieve the… Read More

Create a User-Friendly Admin Panel for Any Database

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You may need an administrative panel to maintain your database, but locating one sounds like a lot of effort, and you’re not sure where to look for one. If this is how you think, then you couldn’t be more wrong. I am pleased to introduce you to StationDB, a simple tool that can be used… Read More

How to Export Business Contacts from Google Maps

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Collecting contacts became almost an everyday activity for freelancers and agencies, and sometimes safe management of all that we gathered can be frustrating. Speaking of that, Google contacts became equally if not more important for many users than contacts held on other platforms. Especially contacts gotten through Google Maps. Easy export and import of contacts… Read More

A starter’s guide to custom software development for small business

Published on by ; modified on February 23, 2023

For several decades now, software development for small business has been a must. Yet many startuppers and entrepreneurs still hesitate about it, relying solely on the power of social media. But is it the way to succeed? More often than not, it really isn’t. Light IT Global has created a short guide pack with useful… Read More

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Advertising Sales

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In the history of humanity, artificial intelligence (AI) has made one of the most important contributions. Sure, the fact that a computer program can learn about our likes and dislikes and help us with a wide range of tasks makes our lives better in general. But how does this affect sales, for example? I glanced… Read More

4 Must-Have Types of Tools for Business in 2022

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At times, having a business and an online presence in 2022 can be challenging. This is due to competitors’ constantly evolving and improving on their presence, forcing other business owners to keep up to date with the newest technologies and tools that will help them keep their online presence relevant. Different types of tools can… Read More

5 Powerful No-Code Tools to Help You Grow Your Business

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Growing a  business is one of those tasks that seem simple but has many complicated steps within itself if you want it done correctly. Thankfully, we can use different technological advancements to help us achieve this goal. We are all aware that technology advances at an abnormally fast rate, minute by minute. For example, the… Read More

How to Generate Leads for Your Business: A Quick Guide

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About 80% of new leads never become sales. In fact, 96% of website visitors aren’t ready to make a purchase. Over 60% of marketers struggle to generate leads in the first place. Using these tips to get leads can help improve your ROI. Then, you can experience lasting growth and success. Get started with these… Read More