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How to Make a Logo in 5 Minutes and Add to Your Coming Soon Page

Create your amazing logo in a blink of an eye, add it to your coming soon page and make an excellent first impact

If you have a business or brand, you will ultimately need a logo, and you will acknowledge that it is essential for your audience to have a visual representation of your brand. Logo designs are so significant, and they make it simple to get recognition. It is simple to remember a brand just by their logo, while if you don’t have one, it’s harder to get people to remember your brand.

This is even more significant if you are considering using the Internet for your brand, as it is the first thing anyone sees while visiting your website. It is a brief illustration of what the company and name are all about. Think about it like a book cover. Since the first impact is genuinely critical, for your logo design, you’re going to want to provide an excellent experience which is why many reach out to professional logo design companies to perform this delicate task for them.

Nowadays, you can have all the tools, typography, and graphics to help you create your logo and set your brand apart at the distance of one click! All you need is a great design idea, and we’ll teach you how to do the rest. However, keep in mind that while there are many tools available for designing your own logo, the expertise and creativity offered by professional logo design companies can often make a significant difference in the success of your branding efforts.

What is good logo design

A great place to begin is browsing at other brands in your niche and make a Pinterest board just for logo design ideas. This is for pure inspiration and analyzing what you like about other logos, not for being a copycat. Keep an eye out for fonts that you find interesting, layouts that stimulate you, and colors that remind you of what you need. You’ll begin to feel like some standard features across logos are well done.

Logo Design

Here are some things you will find essential for your logo design:

We’ve talked about the importance of having a logo design, but here’s the thing: Branding your logo with an intentional color palette, typography, and style will help you stand out in the sea of other companies.

A well-branded and memorable logo causes impact, makes people feel things!

If you haven’t established an identity for your brand, creating a mood board is a great place to start! You can brainstorm color palettes, the typography you love, and different layouts. These things will all play a big role in your logo design.

Logo designs should be scalable; they look impressive at their full resolution and when they’re minimal. Always try to avoid extra detailed fonts that become unreadable when you size down.

Don’t forget to display your brand’s personality! There may be other brands with a similar personality, but at the end of the day, they are not the same as you. It’s important to establish your own distinctive voice and let that personality come through your logo design.

It’s a creative and unique idea. This one sounds easy, but as soon as you start your process, you’ll notice it’s not as easy. You mustn’t copy someone else’s logo design, as earlier told, it’s okay to get inspired but don’t get carried away.

How to design your logo

Now that we have set a few rules and ideas to keep in mind when creating your logo design, it’s time to start crafting!

We have a few suggestions where you can create your logo design.

Logo Bot

On this website, you will be able to get the help of an AI-powered bot, which will help you throughout the process of designing your logo.

Logo BotThe first thing you will need is to enter your company name, and then you will get prompted with a few questions like describing your company, selecting the colors you enjoy, and some icons.

After this, you just have to leave it for the Bot, and he will give you some suggestions with the information provided. If you want to take it one step further, you can always customize it to your liking.


A different option than the one before, on this website, you can find some well designed premade logos which you can browse by picking a category!


After that, you can customize your premade logo on the editor, where it essentially allows you to customize every single aspect of your design, and it even allows you to add more elements and upload your own!

The Logo Pros

This last option is for those who are looking for something made by a designer but still want to keep it on a budget.

The Logo Pros

This website allows you to get a custom logo from a team of well-experienced designers. On their website, all you have to do is click on “Start Now,” and you will be prompted to answer a couple of questions, and after that, you are done. Why make it on your own when you can have a team of designers working on your concept? After delivering the information about your brand, you will get your first preview, and from there, you will be able to discuss any changes you want as well as understand the concept behind every design decision made during the process.

Adding your logo to your coming soon page

For this example, we will be using WordPress, the logo we have created on Logo Bot, and of course, the Coming Soon plugin made by WebFactory Ltd. This plugin offers you a straightforward solution for when you don’t have your website ready but want to boost your launch, so you can announce it on social media and start some traffic to your site.

The first step is to navigate to plugins on WordPress and search for Coming Soon, whenever you see the one in the image below, press on install:

Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode – Coming Soon Page

Next, navigate to the settings of your installed plugin and click on Design. Once you’re there, you will be able to select the logo you wish to put on your coming soon page (as well as the favicon and background image).

Uploading your logo to your coming soon page

After this, go to basic and enable your coming soon page. You will be able to preview your coming soon page with your logo design there, so everyone who enters your site is able to see.

Here is how it ended up looking for our visitors:

coming soon page


Don’t forget to make sure your logo lets your brand personality shine through it, be careful, and do your research before you start designing. Don’t forget to follow our steps and get your coming soon page up running with your logo design!