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When is the Right Time to Monetize Your Blog?

Here is a list of things you have to consider first

So, here you are, wondering how in the heck you are going to earn some money through your blog. Over the year, blogging has proved to be a very profitable endeavor which one can get into.

Well, the short answer to this is: As soon as humanly possible!

Actually, there are a lot of things that you have to consider first. There are a couple of milestones that you have to pass first in order to use some special and specific monetizing techniques. For example, in order to have Google ads, you first need to have a daily traffic of visitors numbering over 100.

Don’t feel like you are a sellout!

There is no shame in doing monetization in the early beginnings of your blog, especially if you are putting time into your blog while there are more pressing and important matters which you have to attend to. Bloggers wish to earn money through their blogs as soon as possible so that they can quit their other jobs and devote themselves to writing good quality content for their fans and readers.

It is also a way to keep you more motivated towards writing new and engaging content for your readers when you know that you will get something out of it in the long run.


Remember, you are offering a service, and that service is to entertain or enlighten your audience with whatever it is that you are writing about on your blog. Doing this every single day is not easy work, and that is why you need something to keep you going!

Yes, the pleasure to write to your audience and to gain a fan-base should be your number one priority. But, when you know that you are going to become financially independent, this gives you even more additional motivation.

Don’t think that you will be earning money immediately from the get-go!

Unfortunately, a lot of people have this false perception that they will immediately start earning money through the internet regardless of which kinds of services they offer.

In order to earn money, you need to learn how to write good quality content so that you get recognized and gain an okay fan base and followers on social media. You have to first have posts that have ranked pretty high on search engines like Google.

Blog Content

The issue with this is that you will not know immediately where on the scale your post is seated because it takes time to be evaluated by Google’s bots and to see how your SEO fairs in all of that. The time needed to find out for sure how high up the search query your posts are is about six months’ time. In the meanwhile, you shouldn’t be idling around and waiting; you should be writing more high-quality content which will also sooner or later be ranked high in search engines.

What are the things you should concentrate on the beginnings of your blog?

  • Always give it your best when writing a blog – The reason for this is that you never know which post will become popular in the long run, so for good measure, make sure that you do a fair enough job at writing all of your posts.
  • Consistently work on improving your blog writing skills – This is not only connected to improving your grammar or improving your vocabulary, but it also means that you have to research and learn which keywords have to be used in every specific blog post.
  • Know for who you are writing – Knowing and understanding who your audience is will greatly improve your blogs because you can then tailor your posts to be more engaging in that type of audience. If your blog is about Minecraft, then you should use that type of jargon that is used with that kind of post.
  • Watch your language – Also, if the post is aiming for younger readers, then dumb down the language that you are using in your posts. Then again, if you are going to be writing about economics and finances, you should use a slightly more complex language (an academic type of language).

Why? Because Google knows that Minecraft is going to be read by a younger audience, and it will detect if you are using a complex language in your posts. Google will then deem that post as not well tailored for that kind of audience, and in turn, make it rank lower.

What are the ways of earning money through a blog?


This is the most common way in which a blog that is in its young years earns income. It is the simplest way to earn some money, especially if you are just starting off.

These advertisements come in the form of Google ads or other such services.

You basically are offering a certain part of your page to be designated as ad space, and then people bid for that ad space.

You will earn money if your visitors click on that ad or if a certain amount of people simply see it when they are scrolling through your site.

Selling a product or service

It is one of the most profitable things you could do with your blog, especially when you have established a firm and large fan base. The best thing that you could do is if you know something very well, you could just simply do an online course in that particular field. The good thing about this is that you just have to create it once and then reap the benefits in the long term in the form of passive income.

Selling Products

You could also write your own e-book. It all depends on you what you decide to write about, but you can earn a hefty sum of money by doing this.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best choice, no matter if your blog is small or large. In simple terms, it is when you write about a certain product that can be bought on an online store like Amazon, and then you put a link to that product.

If your visitors click that link and buy that product, Amazon will know that they have come from your site and will then, in turn, give you money for your services (for leading the customer from your site to theirs).

You could be writing about the “Top 10 Hiking Boots”, and somewhere in there, you will give links to some of those boots that direct the users to amazon where they can buy those boots.

It is great because you are going to be writing about some of these products anyway, regardless if Amazon told you to write about it or not.

Posting sponsored content

A company may pay you to write about their product, and then you post that on your blog. This is a type of thing that people would classify as being a sellout, but you can choose whether or not you want to write about that particular product. Just find a product that is actually good and which you think is actually worth the money to your visitors.

Posting sponsored content

Private advertiser’s

This type of advertisement requires a bit more work from your part. The reason for this is that you have to go around and try to contact different companies or businesses that might be interested in having their ad on your site.

You can simply talk to them and come to a deal on where their ad will be shown on your site, and you can then come up with a deal (how you want to get paid).

You could agree to a monthly fee or by the number of people who have seen the ad while scrolling.

Final Thoughts

Monetizing your blog is not an easy task. Not only do you have to learn and gain experience through daily writing, but you also have to reach a good following and a good ranking on search engines like Google or Bing. The next issue is that you must choose which monetizing techniques you are going to be using on your blog (the more, the merrier).

Nothing happens overnight, and everything takes time to develop (a skill, followers, and your website itself). The sooner you realize this, the sooner you will actually accomplish something because you won’t set your standards too high to the point of feeling impossible to accomplish it once you get started.

Be persistent, and in time you will start to reap the benefits of your blog. When that time comes, you will be inclined to write even better blogs!