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All You Need To Know On Picking the Perfect Shopify Theme for Your Online Store

They say, never judge the book by its cover! However, this adage apparently holds no good when you are out shopping for a theme for your Shopify store. In fact, your visitors are definitely going to judge your store from the theme it carries.

Hence, it’s extremely important to make the right choice when it comes to selecting an appropriate theme for your Shopify store.

There are many aspects which can help you make the correct choice. In this Ecom Elites Theme article, we are going to highlight all that you need to know about picking the right theme for your e-commerce store.

Why a theme is important?

What makes certain themes click while others fail to make a mark?

Well, the answer lies in the way a particular theme is capable of bringing about the correct visual representation of your business. It should be able to perfectly encase both the product and the brand together in a seamless way.

Brooklyn Shopfy Theme

A theme has a direct impact on the trust building and eventually the conversions. If your, prospect finds your website a bit off and on the shadier side, he/she is not going to gain the trust and won’t interested to ever come back.

Similarly, you’ll notice that most of the website layouts are designed with the famous ‘F’ patterns, which means you have an extensive menu bar on the top, backed by a populated sidebar in the left. This design makes the navigation part intuitively simpler to understand and steer past than many other available counter options.

How to pick an appropriate theme?

Theme selection can be really confusing, especially if you are the first-timer. Finding the best one for your store can be greatly overwhelming, to say the least.

However, fret not! Start with the default theme rather, and try to get the hang of the things first. A default Shopify theme can be a perfect playground to experiment with different options before you hop onto the pro mode.

Now, when you finally begin to embark on your journey to search for the perfect theme, consider asking yourself a few questions:

  • What features are absolutely required in my store?
  • What sort of experience I’m looking forward to giving to my niche audience?
  • How many products am I going to list in the initial phase?
  • Who are the role models I’m following? Is there a possibility of the requirement of the emulation?
  • What is my ideal perception of the product display?
  • How much am I willing to spend on the themes of my relevance?

Honestly jotting down the answers for the above questionnaire will make your task simpler and will steer you in the right direction. With a clearer perception, now you can easily head onto the theme selection store to make the most suitable choice.

Making use of filtered options, reviews and ratings will make the task far easier and targeted than you fathomed earlier.