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SEO Booster Plugin: Benefits of using SEO Booster on your WordPress site

SEO Booster is not another SEO plugin. With its unique features, it can help you improve the SEO aspects of your site that other plugins can't.

If you are a WordPress site owner who is no stranger to Analytics and other traffic analysis tools, you are undoubtedly aware of the importance of search engine traffic. This type of traffic refers primarily to those visitors that land on your page through a keyword search on their search engine (Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, etc.).

Unlike many other traffic generators, it’s absolutely free and has theoretically limitless potential.

For example, if you manage to get #1 ranking on a high-traffic keyword such as “WordPress”, you can expect millions of hits every month.


How exactly do you get there?

To start with, search engine optimization (SEO) has gone so far in the last couple of years. It has been boiled down to a science of exact requirements and algorithms necessary to reach that Holy Grail (the first page of search results).

Regardless of frequent changes in Google’s algorithms (the latest one being on the week of writing this article), marketers track and adapt their techniques to please Google and other search engines and get their sites discovered.

For WordPress sites, it’s a bit easier. To make the process more simple, automated, and efficient, plugin developers have developed many SEO plugins and add-ons. These help WordPress website owners boost their SEO through ready-made functions and with much less effort than was usually necessary.


With WordPress plugins like Yoast or SEOPress, you can optimize your posts and pages as you’re writing them. This way you can take necessary action to make your content more visible to search engines.

Other than optimization

However, the SEO Booster plugin that we are going to be talking about today actually goes a level deeper. Instead of advising you how to optimize your content to get more easily noticeable by search engines, it actually shows you what works well and what doesn’t. It does so based on the data of your very own site.

SEO Booster

Therefore, a winning combination for increased search engine visibility is the combination of a classic SEO plugin such as Yoast together with SEO Booster. CleverPlugins’ SEO Booster will not interfere with the functions of other SEO apps like some other plugins tend to do.

Now, if you’re ready to add another weapon to your SEO arsenal and increase your visibility even more, here is what you can expect in this plugin.

The Importance of Keywords

Keywords are building blocks of good search engine traffic and online visibility. Given that there is a massive portion of users who use search engines for keyword queries, hoping that the search engine will take them where they need to be, it’s a traffic source that simply cannot be neglected.

Now, as you probably know, there are many tips and tricks that you can use to boost the SEO ranking of one of your pages or your website. However, search engine algorithms are tweaked day in and day out, to provide as accurate results as possible to their users.

If you have nailed a good keyword on your website before, you have surely already witnessed the magic of search engine traffic. With quality content, high-traffic, and low-competition keywords, your website can skyrocket from anonymous to viral in an instant.

SEO Booster can help with your keywords

Consequently, SEO Booster places high importance on keywords, keyword analysis, and discovery. It allows you to be one step ahead of your competition by choosing the right keywords for your target audience.

When it comes to keyword analysis, things have drastically changed during the last couple of years. Until recently, Google shared all of its search query traffic through its Google Analytics tools. With only a couple of clicks, you had the opportunity to find out exactly what your visitors had been searching for when they landed on your site. Of course, after the insight, you had the space to expand on these keywords and increase their traction even more.

Nowadays, things are completely different. Google and Yandex have stopped sharing details related to keywords people search for due to data privacy laws. In Google Analytics, you can only pick up search engine details from the queries that come from Google. Still, there are still a lot of other search engines that share their data, which is not picked up by Analytics or other apps.

SEO Booster, therefore, focuses on all other possible sources of search engine traffic to allow you to discover keywords you were previously oblivious about. You can even have the opportunity to discover whole new target audiences and markets.

What can SEO Booster do after you discover new keywords?

If you’re lucky and you have tons of newly discovered keywords, SEO Booster can help you take advantage of your successful resources even further.

Automatic linking

There’s also a super-useful option of Automatic Linking. If you want to connect your direct links to your high-volume keywords, you can simply connect the two together. They will automatically turn into a link wherever they are located on the website. For example, if you choose to link to SEO Booster every time you mention a keyword, you have the opportunity to do it only once. The plugin will turn the keyword ‘SEO Booster‘ into a link to your desired location every time.

Automatic Tagging

One of the most useful functions of the plugin in this regard is the Automatic Tagging. The plugin recognizes search engine keywords that have led visitors to your website and adds them to your posts and pages automatically. The keywords are added as tags, so you boost your SEO efforts even further and make sure that your CTR’s go through the roof. Each time a keyword leads an organic visitors to your page or website, it’s added as a tag to the content.

Backlinks management

Another segment of the SEO Booster plugin that is absolutely awesome is the management of backlinks. Basically, the plugin allows you to have full control and view over who’s linking to you and where.

As you probably know, just like keywords, backlinks are the building blocks of search engine optimization. A long time ago, Google and other search engines have discovered that websites who get a lot of pages and sites linking to them are more likely to be high-authority and high-credibility. In other words, if everyone’s linking to this, we probably should, too!

Link, Hyperlinks, Web Page, Presence

The funny thing about backlinks is that, despite the huge number of apps, programs, and plugins designed to give you more insight about your website, it’s actually not that easy and intuitive to find out who’s linking to you at the moment. In other words, it’s very easy to notice when someone is sending traffic your way. However, when a website links to you and never sends you any traffic, you will probably never even be aware of it.

Backlink Checker

A low-credibility, scam, or in any way non-legit website linking to you, can result in a crash of the SEO score for some of your pages or even your website.

With the SEO Booster, you can enter to see exactly which websites and web pages are linking to yours at the moment. You can also see the number of visitors you have received through each particular reference. SEO Booster will also help you spot fake links by checking each of the URLs linking to you. They will be presented in a list with all the other backlinks. However, if SEO Booster doesn’t find the legit URL on the site, it will notify you and delete them from the list.

Backlinks Filter

If you notice that many of these scammy or bad backlinks are coming from the same source, you can choose to filter them, so that they can no longer link to you. Simply add the undesired URL, or domain for that matter, in the filter box, to prevent these from linking to you.

Stay in the loop

SEO Booster does not fail to keep you updated about all the changes on your site. You can get updated in three ways for three different things:

  1. Weekly email reports – If you would like to get a summary of changes in your keywords and links, you can sign up for these weekly emails.
  2. Log – A more comprehensive overview of what is happening on your site can be found within the log. Check your website’s traffic, maintenance tasks, and much more within a single glance.
  3. 404 errors – Catching all of these on a large-scale website is not as easy as it sounds. With SEO Booster, every time a visitor lands on a 404, you will get notified. You can see all the errors within a list, and take action when necessary.

SEO Booster PRO features

SEO Booster plugin has one of the best-value Pro (Premium) additions out there. If you decide to upgrade your program for one or more of your websites, these are the extra modules you can expect to see:

Crawled Pages

For your website and pages to be visible to search engines, they need to be crawled. If you want to know how often search engine crawlers visit your website and which pages they crawl and index, you can enter the ‘Crawled Pages’ modules to see the complete overview.

Automatic PageSpeed Testing

Another useful perk of the SEO Booster Pro is that you will have access to data regarding your WordPress site’s speed, all within your admin dashboard. It is all done in the background, so there will be no need for manual page speed testing anymore. The module will also show you which pages load slower and tips on how you can increase the speed of your website.

Overall Rating of SEO Booster WordPress Plugin

In conclusion, for websites that get a lot of search engine traffic or those that want to increase the one they’re getting at the moment, SEO Booster is a great additional resource for SEO upping.

It mainly focuses on two most important aspects of search engine optimization: keywords and backlinks. There are also many other extra features that you can discover in the plugin. Even as a free user, you can get access to some great resources, such as weekly email reporting containing the new keyword and backlinks data connected to your website.

The SEO Booster plugin is available for free or in the Pro version. You can get it from WordPress’ plugin library or find it in your WP Admin’s plugin section.