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4 Simple Tried and Tested Ways you can Hype Up your next Tech Product

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Sliced bread, fingerless gloves, and technology – all three of these inventions changed the human race as we know it, but only one of them goes through constant evolutions and updates. Life for those of us in the tech industry is anything but slow-paced – from new version models to software updates to an ever-increasing… Read More

How to Maintain Good Customer Service?

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If you think that building a customer service department is hard, then let us break it to you; maintaining it to be the best is going to be harder. However, do not worry, as we have some easy yet practical tips for you on how you can maintain the quality of your customer service. Let… Read More

Why Customer Complaints Are Good For Your Business

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Consumer complaints may reflect negatively on the business, but they often include valuable customer information and insight that may be utilized constructively. It will not only aid in providing exceptional customer service, but it will also aid in keeping a favorable brand image and reputation. Rather than doing polls and market analysis, classifying customer complaints… Read More

Why Your Business Should Collect Customer Email Addresses

Published on by ; modified on July 11, 2019

In the social media age, connecting and engaging with customers is easier than ever, but don’t forget email as a critical way to reach out to them with circulars, focused offers and other information. But, if you don’t collect their email addresses it is a route to your customers that will be next to useless…. Read More