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Top 5 Plugins for Link Management in WordPress

Have full control of both internal and external links on your website

Links drive every website online, and links are a very important SEO strategy that every website owner should utilize. Essentially, every link on your website should be functional. Many available plugins have the purpose of link management, and they all do it in their specific way.

Websites with good links and structure rank higher in search engines and improve your SEO.

Having long, misleading links can hurt your ranking also. Additionally, managing thousands of links on your website sometimes seems like an impossible task if you do it manually, so having a plugin do it for you can save time and money in the long run.

  1. WP Links

WP Links

The WP Links plugin has the power to check every link for you, whether it be external or internal. For example, it can check if your external link opens in a new window. You can notify visitors if some links are not safe, customize “rel” tag values, and much more.

As mentioned above, you can control external and internal links settings such as the link opening location, choose to overwrite existing values, choose “follow” or “nofollow” attributes, add values to the “rel” attribute such as “noopener”, “noreferrer”, “external”, “sponsored”, and “ugc”, set the title attribute, add CSS classes, choose an icon type, etc. You can also set up different exceptions for each rule that overrides previously set up settings. This can be applied to the post content, comments, or widgets. You can select CSS classes of the links you want exceptions to apply to or by putting their ID in the designated area. There is an option to put lists of whole links you want to exclude from the ruleset.

WP Links

Aside from this, you can choose to ignore links in the “script” block, ignore “mailto” links, etc. Another great feature is the Exit Confirmation option. This option allows you to prompt users with a popup window asking them to confirm their selection. This window can be fully customized, from the title font, title background color, font color, main area background color, the width and height of the window, background color of the overlay, button text color, size, and the button background color.

Link Rules can recognize keywords that you previously configured in the URLs and execute rules based on keywords. For example, you can set a rule for each link containing the word “pear” to set up a pear icon. Lastly, you can use the Link Checker tool that helps analyze all links from your websites. It then generates a list of problematic links like non-existing links, redirected links, links leading to malicious websites, etc.

For a more detailed view of all of these features and pricing, we recommend visiting their website.

  1. Pretty Links

Pretty Links

This plugin offers the possibility to mask, track, and redirect links. In other words, you can present external links under your domain and make them look prettier.

Using this plugin with affiliate links helps increase sales and also track those sales. Another great thing is that you can keep track of the number of hits for each link.

  1. Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker

Broken links can lead to 404 error pages which hurts your SEO if not handled correctly. This plugin allows you to find and manage broken links anywhere on your site easily.

You are notified via the dashboard or email when a broken link is found. It also gives you the possibility to edit links from the configuration page and prevent search engines to follow broken links.

  1. Redirection


The Redirection plugin has a similar set of functionalities as the previous one, with the option to redirect any link to a custom URL that you choose. All you have to do is set the source and destination URL on the configuration page and click the “Add Redirection” button.

You can also choose to redirect to a random post or page on your website. The rest of the work is done by the plugin which saves you time.

  1. BetterLinks


This is one of the best plugins that help shorten URLs on your website. It allows you to create attractive links that you can use anywhere on your website or even your next marketing campaign.

The link generation is simple and can be performed in just a few clicks, and once you have those links generated, you can share them on your website or social media. It is important to know that a shortened URL will be automatically generated once you paste your target URL where you want it.


We hope that you have found something useful here. As much as it is important to develop a good site with tools like WP Turbo, it is important to have full control of both internal and external links on your website since links directly affect your SEO as well as build trust between your website and visitors.

Feel free to check out the WP Links plugin; it is potent and combines multiple functionalities and features into a single plugin.