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Author: Vladana

6 Things You Can Automate On Your WordPress Site With The Right Plugins

Published on by ; modified on January 24, 2022

When you have established your online presence, you could feel that it takes everything to keep it going. Not to mention that any failure could cost you too much of everything. There has to be a better way, you might think. This thought could have crossed your mind multiple times in an hour. In the… Read More

5 Free Photoshop Alternatives to Get Your Editing Done

Published on by ; modified on February 23, 2022

Remember those good old days when you would take pictures with your camera, and all the eyes suddenly turned red when you saw the photographs for the first time? Red eyes still happen today, not as often as they did, but there is a way of handling that. In the old days, when your photo… Read More

Do You Really Need a Multi-language Website, though?

Published on by ; modified on December 14, 2022

It is true on so many levels that having your website translated into multiple languages brings one too many benefits. It all comes down to expanding your business and gaining many new customers. Which is all every website owner wants, isn’t it? The numerous benefits of translating your website in another language are exquisite at… Read More

Spam-proof the Email Address on Your WordPress Website

Published on by

There is something very human about displaying your business email address on your website. If someone is looking to purchase your service or product, they might have additional questions for you. They will likely scroll down to your footer to find your email address so that they can email you with their questions and concerns…. Read More

Push Your Visitors to the Right Direction With 301 Redirects

Published on by

If you were to ask any website owner “What is the best thing about your website?” you could be getting a wide variety of answers. Someone could be proud of the theme they selected, others may be proud of their galleries. There will be those who will state that “About me/us” is their favorite part… Read More

WP Reset – The Easiest Way to Start Your Website From Scratch

Published on by

The trouble with a WordPress site is the fact that it is never perfect. You know the drill – no matter how good it looks, or works, you always need more from it, and you, or your set of developers, keep adding more functionalities. More possibilities mean more money in your pocket, right? Or, you… Read More

Profile Builder – The Easiest Way to add Users to Your Website

Published on by ; modified on September 7, 2020

Good job! Your WordPress website is up-and-running, letting everybody know that you are out there, and impressing your new and old customers with what you have to offer. Still, just like with everything out there, you need it to grow and to do more for you and for your customers, and since the branding process… Read More

wpDataTables – One Solution for all Your Site’s Tables and Charts

Published on by

Whether you pronounce it data or data, it can be a messy thing to manage. Sometimes, though, you have to present it to your customers. How do you do that on your website, without him or her falling asleep on their keyboard? Anyone who has ever faced this issue went straight to charts or tables to… Read More