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Effective Tips to Increase your Instagram Followers Quickly

Increase your visibility on Instagram and stand out from the crowd

Do you have trouble developing your community despite all your efforts? Indeed, getting followers interested in your activity is very difficult, and publishing high-quality content is often not enough. There are a few tools out there like Nitreo that will help you push the numbers and organically build your brand, as well as a few other strategies to pile up your digital achievements.

Follow Your Future Followers

One of the most effective ways to gain followers on Instagram is to follow the users who are targeted and who are likely to be interested in your business and buy real Instagram followers. Some of these users will then visit your profile and follow your page in return if the content interests them. This technique gives very good results but can be long and tedious to set up.

Specialized companies similar to that of SocialMeep and the many others available can help you grow your social media if you don’t have the time or energy to do all of these things yourself.

Instagram Followers

 Insert Keywords in Your Instagram Name

Instagram searches can be done in two ways:

  • By Instagram username;
  • By full name (surname and first name).

Include keywords related to your niche in your first and last name fields on Instagram. Thus, you will appear in the search results of people who type these keywords.

For example, by writing “plants” in the search engine, Instagram suggests that we go to see the accounts of “houseplantjournal.” and “plantsindecor” they both used the word “plants” in their Instagram account name. Include keywords in your Instagram names.

Write a biography that clearly describes your brand

The biography is the first thing that people who visit your profile will read. It is, therefore, important that these people can understand very quickly who you are and why they should follow your account.

Instagram Biography

Here are some effective tips to make your Instagram biography more attractive:

  • Add line breaks: this will make your Instagram biography more organized;
  • Use emojis: your biography will be lively. There is no point in including dozens, choose a few well-targeted;
  • You are inspired by a quote; include it in your biography.

 Take Care of Your Content

Post quality photos. On Instagram, there is no question of posting blurry or hastily taken photos. The content you post must be worked on and be visually pleasing. Pay attention to the consistency of the publications between them; do not change the filter each time you post. Your account must allow your followers to understand your universe, and they may be lost if you lack consistency.

Instagram Photos

Use Hashtags and Instagram fonts

To make your posts more visible, use hashtags and Instagram fonts. Hashtags will be able to view your posts, view your profile, and follow if they like it.

Identify a dozen hashtags that correspond to the identity of your brand and the photos you publish, and then include them in the description of your posts.

Don’t use overly popular hashtags as your post could get lost among millions of other posts using the same hashtags. Conversely, if you use an unusual hashtag, your publication may not appear in the search results.

You are having trouble identifying the hashtags that are relevant to you? Check out those used by your competitors!

There are also tools like Hashtagify that will help you identify hashtags related to your activity and analyze their popularity.

Interact With Other Users

Content is essential for developing a loyal community, but don’t bet it all. Interacting with other Instagram users is essential if you want to improve your visibility. Go and like the photos that have hashtags that you use and comment on the content of Instagramers who publish posts related to your activity.

Instagram Communication

Analyze Your Results

If you have a professional account, Instagram puts analysis tools at your disposal. You can collect valuable information about your community. In particular, you will find information on the age, location, male / female distribution of your followers, and the number of visits to your website.

With this information, you will be able to understand your target better, adapt your speech, and attract more and more followers relevant to your brand. Your followers will also be more receptive to the content you offer them.

Analyze Results on Instagram

 Organize contests

Creating contests and offering products is a good way to increase their visibility. The contest via social networks is on the rise; they help boost your reputation by capturing potential customers. In return for their participation, ask internet users to “like” your page to share and comment on the publication of the contest.

This action has the advantage of having a low cost and allows you to reach a large audience who did not know you before.

Be active

Similarly, social networks are high visibility media. Millions of people visit it every day, so it’s a good idea to incorporate this into your strategy. You can join groups and participate in discussions to discover customer trends and needs.

Social networks have proven to be viable tools for developing businesses. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, Linkedin, and other platforms have unique aspects that will help market your product effectively.

However, you need to know when to publish, where to publish, and what type of content to publish. Also, take note of the number of publications needed in a week, for example.

A good social media marketing strategy will help boost your company’s online visibility in record time!

Join Instagram pods

They are groups in which we like and exchange each other. Their purpose is to get you the most likes to end up in the “Popular” section of the hashtags inserted in the photo and consequently increase your Instagram followers. If you want to be part of these groups, remember always to follow the rules; otherwise, you risk being banned.


If you want to stand out and above all, increase your visibility on Instagram, use different strategies. You have to be willing to take risks, engage your customers on Instagram, work on your content, and build relationships with your audience. But never forget one thing, the important thing is to convey an authentic and reliable image.