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5 Strategies To Get People To Share Your Content

Step up your game and boost your organic audience

If you are a person who has an interest in some sort of business that you want to share with other people, you will apply the usual tactic, sharing your content on social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. But there is still one problem. It is obviously not enough for your blog or your business that only you share it; you need to get other people on your side as well, so it’s no wonder why reputation management software gained so much recognition nowadays.

The first thing I would mention is the Social Share Buttons. You have all seen them, and they are on almost every website. It is that little box on a page with different social media icons such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and many more. It is a great way to get other people to share your content because you are probably the only person who will copy the URL tab’s link and paste it somewhere else. This is not a guarantee that people will actually use them or share, so it is not the next tactic, which would be inviting people to share your site. It is dull and boring to send out invitations online, and it is annoying when you get that notification from Facebook or whatever that someone invited you to check out their site.

Stuff like giveaways or any kind of contest you can do as a form of getting people to share your website is possible only when you have enough people viewing your content in the first place, being active 24/7 on social media, and putting as many hashtags as possible on a post is cringy at this point, because who didn’t see a post like those and didn’t roll their eyes once they saw it? You have to ask yourself, at this point, is there anything out there that can help me with this process? The answer is yes, and we are talking about the Quuu Promote tool.


Quuu Promote is a tool that will help you with getting more people attracted to your content by simply sharing it among topically relevant people. Once it reaches those people, they will share your site further across top social media sites. So, you do not have to worry about your website being shared somewhere where no one will even care enough to look at it. It will help you connect with people interested in that very thing that your blog or business is about. All you have to do is put in the URLs, write different captions for each network, and then the rest is history. Real humans will share your content across top social media sites.

Quuu Promote

Another great feature is the tracking. When you do not use a tool like this, you have no idea has it reached anyone, did anyone click on the link, and if they stayed on your website at all. With Quuu Promote, you can track all clicks and shares on the dashboard and see how everything is performing. The tracking option also shows you which type of content does the audience mostly reacts to. Whether that are videos, images, posts, music, or links, you can optimize your strategy by cutting out the sharing content that they liked the least and boosting the sharing content they liked the most.

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You can also increase engagement and direct traffic coming from social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Doing so will boost your social signals, which correlate with Google rankings. By getting your rankings up, you will increase the chance for high quality leads to check out your website and share it with other people. Quuu Promote also offers more than five hundred topics that are well within your website’s interest area. Those topics will give you a better chance to match your content with people who are influencers or have a massive following already.

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Also, another great thing about Quuu Promote is that it does not allow outdated content. What do I mean by that? Well, if you can remember, in the old days, there were a lot of websites that looked a bit much with all the bright colors from different pop-up ads that were always sales-oriented, sometimes controversial and offensive, and just not good for promoting your content. Those methods are outdated, and if you want to use ads like those to promote your content, you should definitely read this article. Those types of ads are harmful and not only to you but to your business, to your audience, and to anyone that will lose even the bit of interest that he or she had before seeing that thing some people still call an „ad. “

Quuu Promote is an expert in making well – crafted, entertaining, helpful, informational, and inspiring content marketing pieces that will grow your audience, build you a brand, get you the recognition that you deserve. 

You worked so hard for the content, so why not show it to other people and make them see how good it actually is?

Quuu Promote

You can increase your SEO social signals and bring a more organic audience to your website. By simply having more organic visits on your website, your SEO will boost itself because more traffic means a better SEO and a better placement in the Google search bar. Also, there is an option to promote your content from multiple domain names, so your link will not be recognized, and you can post a bunch of times on the same websites. By posting with different links, you will get hundreds and hundreds of mentions on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and all other social media and engage with a relevant audience that will know what your content is about. If you think this is too complicated for you to understand by yourself, there is also a webinar that you can sign up for that will explain exactly how to use Quuu Promote.


The options that you can get are single and double. Both options have all the features included, so there is really only a minimal difference between the deals, and you can choose which one you will get based on the amount of content you want to share.

So, the single version comes with all the features included, twenty – five credits for content, promotions on social media platforms, over five hundred interest topics to promote your content, Quuu Promote dashboard, increased SEO social signals, and it can be yours for only 49 dollars as a one time purchase! The double version comes with all the features included, fifty credits for content, promotions on social media platforms, over five hundred interest topics to promote your content, Quuu Promote dashboard, increased SEO social signals, and it can be yours for only 98 dollars as a one time purchase! And there is the multiple option version comes with all the features included, seventy – five credits for content, promotions on social media platforms, over five hundred interest topics to promote your content, Quuu Promote dashboard, increased SEO social signals, and it can be yours for only 147 dollars as a one time purchase! The best thing about all these deals is that you will get a sixty-day „trial period“ where you can get your money back, no questions asked, so you will not waste any money if you end up not liking the tool.


If you want to step up your game and boost your organic audience, forget about the old, outdated methods like sharing everything yourself and trying to get your friends to help you promote your content. Do yourself a favor and get yourself Quuu Promote today because all of the features you get for 49 dollars are really worth the price. Boosting your website, getting better placement on the Google search, a bigger organic audience, and more than five hundred topics that you get for sharing your content is really a great deal that you shouldn’t miss out on. Also if you’re worried that you will know how to use this tool, there is also a webinar that you can attend where they explain everything and the best thing about it is, of course, the money-back guarantee, which gives you enough time to see for yourself if you like the tool or not. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself Quuu Promote today!