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Why Product Descriptions Are Important

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If you made your way here, you’re probably wondering, “why are product descriptions so important?”. In theory, a product description could be a jumbled mess of assorted keywords and SEO phrases, and sure, that might cause it to pop up in people’s searches more frequently. But what it also does is tell them to steer… Read More

Best Online Tools For Writers

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If you’re a writer of any kind, whether that be a blogger, a novelist, or a casual scribe of any kind, you’re probably constantly on the lookout for any new tool or software that could help you to work better and more efficiently.  You’ll find everything from anti-procrastination tools to plugins for bloggers. So, there’s… Read More

What Is a Digital Copywriter?

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As a copywriter in the digital space, you’ll be responsible for producing the written content for webpages. You could be working in an advertising agency full time. Or, you could be a freelancer who is hired by people as and when they need a piece of digital copywriting done. You may also write copy designed… Read More