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Author: Muhamed Delihasanovic

Top 5 Plugins for Link Management in WordPress

Published on by ; modified on December 12, 2022

Links drive every website online, and links are a very important SEO strategy that every website owner should utilize. Essentially, every link on your website should be functional. Many available plugins have the purpose of link management, and they all do it in their specific way. Having long, misleading links can hurt your ranking also…. Read More

6 Heat Map Tools and User Tracking Tools

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If you want to learn more about how people engage with your website, you will need heatmap software. A heatmap is a two-dimensional picture of how customers interact with a company’s website. The top heatmapping tools provide a behind-the-scenes look at your website’s clicks and scrolling. It reveals what is working and what is being… Read More

4 Must-Have Types of Tools for Business in 2022

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At times, having a business and an online presence in 2022 can be challenging. This is due to competitors’ constantly evolving and improving on their presence, forcing other business owners to keep up to date with the newest technologies and tools that will help them keep their online presence relevant. Different types of tools can… Read More

5 Things to Think About Before Starting an E-commerce Business

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E-commerce is a business model that enables you to buy and sell goods and services online. E-commerce occupies a large part of the market, and it is a good idea to start an e-commerce business if you want to take advantage of that market. This kind of business comes with some benefits like no need… Read More