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Author: Nina Medanić

How to Promote Your Website

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Nowadays, the development of business would be difficult without an online presence. Creating a blog is one of the strategies that a business owner, marketer, or blogger can use. Yet, to succeed, your site should be visible. How do you achieve that? You need to promote it. A successful website promotion would depend on quality… Read More

Best Plugins for Food and Recipe Websites

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Are you the type of person who can make a new recipe from scratch or the one who knows exactly which flavor goes with which spice? Maybe you just love to eat and try out different cuisines and restaurants. If the answer to any of those two questions is yes, why don’t you have a… Read More

What Is FOMO and How to Use It as Your Marketing Strategy

Published on by ; modified on November 11, 2021

I think we can all remember a time in our lives when we were stuck at home while our friends were partying and having fun. Try to recall the feeling you had at those times. The way you felt in that moment actually has a name, FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out. While you were… Read More