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Setting up MailChimp

MailChimp is one of the most popular autoresponders. So many people use it on daily basis, and if you’re one of them, you will be happy to hear that Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode PRO supports MailChimp in its full form.

But before you can get your first subscriber through a coming soon page you’ve built with Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode, you will have to connect the account to the plugin. Don’t worry; you’re just a few steps away from having your MailChimp list connected to the plugin.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode PRO MailChimp

  1. Go to Settings -> Coming Soon PRO -> Autoresponders & Mailing Services
  2. Choose MailChimp from “Select Emailing / Integration System” drop-down menu
  3. Open MailChimp API settings and log in with your account
  4. Copy your API key or create a new one
  5. Go back to the plugin’s settings and paste the key into “MailChimp API Key” field
  6. Click “Save API key & refresh lists” blue button
  7. Select a list where you want to store the subscribers
  8. Click Save settings

Enable Debugging

If you’re having issues with emailing systems, enable debugging, open the coming soon page and test the form with some sample emails. Detailed debug information will be shown on the page.

Double Opt-In

Once you save MailChimp API key, you will be able to turn on/off the double opt-in option.

The double opt-in process includes two steps. First, the potential subscriber fills out and submits your signup form. Then, they’ll receive a confirmation email and click a link to verify their email, which is then added to your MailChimp list.

Documentation didn't help? Contact support!

Customers who purchased and have a valid PRO license - contact our support via the contact form built into the plugin or use the general contact form. If you're using the later method please include your license key in the message or contact us via the email address used when purchasing. This speeds things along.

Using the free version? We have you covered too. Head over to the forums. First look at older threads and if you don't find anything useful open a new thread. Support is community-powered so it can take some time to get an answer. If you need premium support this second - upgrade to PRO.