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Author: Peter Hughes

6 Ways Your Wedding Business Should Be Using Instagram

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In today’s society, marketing is more important than ever, and to do it right, you have to be where your customers are- time to get your wedding business on Instagram. Instagram, expected to reach 1.2 billion users by 2023, offers enormous potential for small business owners to increase their marketing efforts. “Seventy-eight percent of marketers… Read More

What is Data Segmentation The Complete Guide

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Data has been recognized as an ideal partner for B2-B businesses. Every year, data-driven businesses constantly prove that today’s clients prefer a personalized experience rather than a generic follow-up on sales pipelines. Why wouldn’t they? According to HubSpot, the survey of marketers who segment data from their customers for their marketing campaigns reported as high… Read More

Tips On How To Protect Your Small Business From Cybercrimes In 2022

Published on by ; modified on April 25, 2022

In today’s modern age, all enterprises depend on information technology and the internet to run their daily operations efficiently. This ranges from e-commerce to emails. Many businesses have turned to blockchain tech, like cryptocurrencies, to help shield against credit card and wire fraud on e-commerce transactions, for example. While IT has helped businesses’ smooth and… Read More

An Introduction to AI Video for Online Marketing

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Although most people think of AI as something new, you might be surprised to learn that the earliest successful AI program was written in 1951. In recent times, AI has become more popular, and AI video is becoming the new normal in the video content world. Read on to learn more about getting started with… Read More

How You Can Leave Comments About the Agent’s Work in Live Chat

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In the last few years, live chat options have reshaped the customer-service industry. They provide an easy way for your visitors to get answers to questions and an efficient and cost-effective way for you to provide them. Ultimately, so you can get more customers. In fact, many visitors to websites now expect to see a… Read More

How to Generate Leads for Your Business: A Quick Guide

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About 80% of new leads never become sales. In fact, 96% of website visitors aren’t ready to make a purchase. Over 60% of marketers struggle to generate leads in the first place. Using these tips to get leads can help improve your ROI. Then, you can experience lasting growth and success. Get started with these… Read More

5 Ways a WordPress Event Registration Plugin Elevates Your Small Business

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Handling and managing your small business has its own perks and challenges. Perhaps the greatest challenge for every small business owner is how to grow their business. While there are many marketing strategies out there like digital marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing, it’s so easy to get lost and be misguided. You’re probably… Read More

How a Local Business Can Boost Revenue from Instagram

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With roughly one billion monthly active users, Instagram continues to reign as one of the top ways to increase the revenue of an eCommerce store and leverage marketing strategy.  Almost every small business would profit from a well-thought-out Instagram marketing campaign, with a few exceptions. If you want to be one of those 200 million… Read More

Ways to Increase the Revenue of an E-Commerce Store

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Is it your intention to bring in as many new clients as possible? Start with reliable hosting. WPMU DEV is fast becoming one of the best choices on the web. Get 20% off any of their fully-managed and dedicated plans. If you’ve just employed advertising so far, try introducing other methods and putting them to… Read More

What Your Business Needs to Succeed in 2022

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Across all industries, businesses are continuously grappling with the rapid pace of transformation. What’s more, there are also global challenges to deal with, like climate change and shifting economic and political powers. In other words, the world as we know it is evolving quickly. And for any organization to succeed, it must learn to adapt… Read More